Billy Joel: you know i run with a dangerous crowd
Me, trying not to crack up: i did not know that billy joel

@picklemaddierix billy joel has a bunch of friends who look exactly like him but wear leather jackets and wear dark sunglasses inside.

@Tasnyx @picklemaddierix he says they're dangerous because one of them smokes and the other doesn't wear knee pads when they go out driving in their expensive old man cars

@picklemaddierix billy joel is up at 5am bashing mailboxes with a baseball bat with rod stewart

@picklemaddierix well, to be fair, he said "you might have heard I run with a dangerous crowd" and he's talking to a conservative Christian girl, so "dangerous crowd" might mean they watch R-rated movies.

@BestGirlGrace @picklemaddierix you have both utterly destroyed Only the Good Die Young...i'll probably still sing it at karaoke though

@healyn @BestGirlGrace you think that's bad, just wait until i get into piano man!

(jk i actually really like piano man)

@picklemaddierix @BestGirlGrace great lyrics Billy boy! The fuck is a "real estate novelist"?

@healyn @BestGirlGrace someone who works in real estate who aspires to have a successful career as a novelist

@picklemaddierix @BestGirlGrace ohhh, i thought it was a novelist who exclusively writes real estate-themed novels

@picklemaddierix the important thing is to always address billy joel by his full name, just like that

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