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haha lol im thinkin about thos beans

despite *just* getting a new mod, i still need more people to be able to make sure the timelines are safe, and preferably someone *from this instance* since im not super present in the community here, if any of yall want to help in moderation, just dm me! the more the merrier

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hey folks, im gonna be updating the instance in a minute or two here, hold on tight!

alright, everything's applied, do refresh the page to see the updates!

hey! im gonna start getting ready to update things here, be prepared for some downtime

i typed in instead of while trying to enter the url and im kinda beat up i dont also have now

soft reminder to: put long posts under cws, caption images, and keep your pronoun's in your bio

alright, everything seems functional, refresh the page to get the new stuff

hey yall! im gonna be updating here to 3.2.0, hold on tight

sorry everyone i was asleep when the disk filled up (mastodon really likes to spit lots of info into the log), that issue shouldnt happen again

its late, but ! the summer theme is up do check it out !

sorry everyone i had misconfigured a config file and set a limit too high, this *shouldnt* happen again

okay, now that that's done, the instance shouldnt go down nearly as much, sorry about all that

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i really ought to put pgbouncer on here

gonna update here! apologies if its slow for a bit

i forgot to mention but i finished doing this

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