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while you were studying the blade i was also studying the blade. we were in the same blade class

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jk rowling announces that the wizards could stop global warming but choose not to

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friend zone. a zone filled with friends. i would love to go to there

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what if frankenstein's monster went to school and got a doctorate. what the fuck then

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COWBOY DAN, WHILE FIRING HIS RIFLE IN THE SKY: God if i have to die you will have to die!!!
GOD: Who The Hell Is That
ANGEL: that's Cowboy Dan, sir. he's a major player in the cowboy scene
GOD: What

remember when we all thought Spider-Man Far From Home was going to be a fun outer space adventure but then it turned out he's just going on a class trip to Europe

cw concentration camps 

Spider-Man really needs to get over all the people close to him who have died due to his failures.

happy fathers day to every dad who wants to fuck hanny

happy fathers day to every dad who wants to fuck me

these beginners makeup videos are too advanced for me

in a way the fediverse is kind of like my dad

If he's your dad then why's he proud of me

i like how every positive review of toy story 4 is some version of "it isnt as shameless a cashgrab as you're expecting"

can't believe cbs optioned that #maddie toot for a three-camera sitcom starring william shatner

an 8-year-old boy: i wanna cut off barney's head

aliens are just grey perverts that come from the sky

I’m going to main mike wazowski in kingdom hearts (I have never wanted to represent the sapiosexual community

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