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antifa dumped a a bowl of lucky charms on my head in what i believe was an attempt to place a "leprechaun's curse" on me

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while you were studying the blade i was also studying the blade. we were in the same blade class

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COWBOY DAN, WHILE FIRING HIS RIFLE IN THE SKY: God if i have to die you will have to die!!!
GOD: Who The Hell Is That
ANGEL: that's Cowboy Dan, sir. he's a major player in the cowboy scene
GOD: What

bad news folks.. a cute girl named mackenzie has taken over the orb account. im sorry to have lied to you for so long


SORA: Goofy, Donald, hurry up!! We've gotta get the Heart Crumbles and form Kingdom Hearts 3
GOOFY: Gawrsh, I think I'm just gonna do a workout. You know, like that old cartoon where I work out
SORA: You old fuck. Nobody gives a shit about your past glory, lives are at stake. Get over yourself for long enough to consider the stakes here
DONALD: Anyone here smoke weed

imagine if you found an egg on a park bench and you took it home and put it under your pillow and the next day there was a human baby

look, im a gamer, im a moderate, im straight, but it makes me sick when a game lets u have sex with women but not do the straight thing of having man on man fuckery

the robot in blade runner died because it was raining at the end. it’s bad for the electric

i've seen things you people would believe. a pool, towels, a diving board, other pool stuff,

if i were a replicant i would simply go to the pool because your not allowed to blade run around the pool

rip to the 1,459 victims of the Titanic but im different

i bought the telltale games twitter account and i do all my “(-) bad mood” posts on there

looking forward to Mastodon Babies, the spinoff series where we are all babies

living for these looney tunes/tiny tunes debates in my mentions right now

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