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friend zone. a zone filled with friends. i would love to go to there

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if oasis could convince themselves that they were as good as the beatles just by pretending to be the beatles then theres no reason why you cant believe in yourself

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what if frankenstein's monster went to school and got a doctorate. what the fuck then

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COWBOY DAN, WHILE FIRING HIS RIFLE IN THE SKY: God if i have to die you will have to die!!!
GOD: Who The Hell Is That
ANGEL: that's Cowboy Dan, sir. he's a major player in the cowboy scene
GOD: What

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if Jesus were alive today replublicans would hate him for being a furry

mastodon achievement: get eugen to follow you, and then unfollow him

i hate that this has almost 100 favorites and i left a typo in it that makes it sound like girls cant remember how to fish

if i ever die please shitpost about it

🎵 its been a long day
without you my friend
and i'll tell you all about it
when i see you in hell

Hearing Eddie Deezen's voice come out of a semi-realistic child turned out to be the most unnerving part of Polar Express somehow.

sorry i cant leave the house. i am too thick, and too sad.

i would like to thank mark zuckerburg for inventing sandles

the communist manifesto and harry potter and the prisoner of azkaban are literally the same thing

Turns out all that propaganda about capitalism our parents and grandparents grew up with might have had some ill effects on our culture.

The 2 best things to come out of iceland are Björk and this video

"describe yourself in three words"

imagine taking one of those horny reply girls begging to suck your beans

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