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antifa dumped a a bowl of lucky charms on my head in what i believe was an attempt to place a "leprechaun's curse" on me

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while you were studying the blade i was also studying the blade. we were in the same blade class

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COWBOY DAN, WHILE FIRING HIS RIFLE IN THE SKY: God if i have to die you will have to die!!!
GOD: Who The Hell Is That
ANGEL: that's Cowboy Dan, sir. he's a major player in the cowboy scene
GOD: What


bridge said some weird shit about me in a lewd subtoot and all her friends stopped talking to me after i opened up about it. @stoner literally blocked me after they messaged me asking why i stopped playing on the discord server and i told them bridge made me uncomfortable, it's kinda weird that they still blocked me on this account . i literally just found it out because i was going to block them before posting about it. anyways that's the story.

live action remake of an extremely goofy movie

please get me to 800 followers, only then will god grant me a down payment for a lease to own 1986 Chevy Impala

If you sucked all the queer elements out of The Matrix it would become Overdrawn at the Memory Bank.

the writer of the biggest tv show ever made saying "themes are for eighth grade book reports" is the natural end result of the literalist approach to fiction which has grown in influence over the last two decades and is a direct result of the ever-increasing size of media conglomerates and the abandonment of humanities education

i think framing all this as "drama" that you wanna "avoid" or you're "happy you happened to be offline tonight" is super dismissive

sorry we don't have any Coke of Cola is Pepsied alright

its good to be on leftist networks, where my perspective as a person of colour is highly valued

watching the new invader zim and they introduced a SIXTH joke and i am losing it

invader zim is one of those shows that has like 5 jokes but theyre pretty good jokes so its fine

@fuzzpedal damn, somebody just voiced the widespread and ideologically dominant view that me and my loved ones should be exterminated, my main concern is whether my image described expression of rage is ablist in some kind of abstract sense

*to the tune of "Bullet with Butterfly Wings"* a girl mr. bean fan

@dirt it will surprise no one that I fold my underwear, I also keep my socks roughly sorted by height and fiber, and my shirts are sorted by color and hung in rainbow order

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