What's your age?
Boosts appreciated for sample size :)

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Yo, shout out to the 60+ year olds on here. Y'all are amazing <3

I think I've managed to make everyone mad with these labels. Sorry :/ 🤷‍♀️

Alright, everyone. After calculating the combined results of both polls, the final results are:

2% <13
9% 13–19
42% 20–29
30% 30–39
10% 40–49
5% 50–59
1% 60–69
1% 70+


Meh. 54.5 is officially early X and not late boomer. But still, here I am!

@xenophora True. The labels are not meant to be serious.

@xenophora @delve Yep. 51. Not Boomer. Not homeowner. Student debt to the eyeballs.

@naga @delve

[groan] I'd let you have our 2nd floor in exchange for boosts if we only had a 2nd floor. :/

@xenophora @delve My undergraduate tuition increased by 37% from my freshman to senior years.

@xenophora @delve


You and I have literally been waiting to burn down the Boomers longer than any of these kids! :flan_XD:

Soon, sir and/or ma'am. SOON.

@mwlucas @delve

I never did get around to reading *Generation X* the book, but I did leaf through a very expensive book of Copeland's art one time. Some of it was pretty good.

@mwlucas @xenophora @delve I add "42 (okay, 43 this week), old and working on this broke thingy" to the party. Gen x are on the boomers' tails ...

U.S. Pol- Snark, Obscure Old Ads For Aging Kids :D 

@viennawriter @mwlucas @delve

I am displaced 1960s Sitcom Guy in a 1970s satin running suit and the opponent is private healthcare and looming bankruptcy. The "hidden force?" Capitalism. What else? lmao

"Touche', Xeno! You beat The Force... [evil chortle] LAST time..."

@delve I'd like to take the poll but as gen-X'er I don't want to be mislabeled as Boomer.

@wim_v12e It's not a serious labeling, but I understand your reluctance.

@wim_v12e @delve what most people refer to a "boomer" is a mindset, not an age range
@Jessica @wim_v12e @delve No gen-X'er wants to be called a Boomer regardless of their age

@delve I'm afraid I've skewed the data by voting "elder scrolls" on this one because I thought it was a meme about how old like, the federated social network also known as mastodon, is

@delve the baby boom ended in 1960 so your scale is a bit off. boomers are >70 now. up to 90ish? :)

</nitpicking> ;)

@delve whoops, the 1960's so that's up to 1970..

That would make the youngest about 51. (2021-1970). Also I failed arithmetic , sorry :)

@delve Awesome response and results, and good feedback on the phrasing of the choices. Given how much interest this garnered I'd be interested in a redo with more attention to phrasing. Have you thought of doing so?

@jqiriazi Nah, not really. But anyone else could do the poll again. Even you 😉

@delve rn it's equal but i get the feeling that 20-29 group will grow significantly

@delve side note, i think it would be more useful for 13-19 to be 13-17 due to the MASSIVE amounts of "minors dni" 18+ accounts

@maemiddlename Hmm. Maybe. I did think about that after I posted the poll, but I guess it too late now 🤷‍♀️

@delve can’t wait for people complaining this poll is somehow ageist because they didn’t see the second toot.

@moiety @delve as the saying goes:

@delve I'm older than any of your options. Why exclude GenX and early millennials, hell even baby boomers?

@jqiriazi I didn't. The platform I'm on just doesn't support more than 4 options per post. You seem to have just missed the second post. Expand the thread.

@delve NM, found it. @zoec yes, that was me =P. Leave it to the old farts to get cornfused

@delve @BlauerKlabauter whoops turned 30 earlier this month and confirmed old and still broke now

@Metaph @delve somehow I managed to be less broke in my 20s than I am now in my 30s, I think I'm doing this all wrong

@delve ngl weeeall, usenet started in 1979 you see, but actually there were probably older federated networks and at least NNTP dates back to 1970 or so

so idk how old the fediverse is exactly

@delve Well I’m viewing the thread.

Uh I’m older than old those.


This poll's author seems to be VERY young and unexperienced. ;)

@delve my age range is not included in this poll 😂


Next time there needs to be a delineation between "Under 13" and "Not Even Born Yet."

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