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Hello, everyone! I've updated my Mastodon Resource List! I hope you find it useful and that it helps with anyone who wants to get on Mastodon or get others on it!
Check it out at this link! :D

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oh no

i rediscovered cookie clicker again


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Cutting back on caffeine again, and I'm feeling better.

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Man is depressed
Goes to see doctor
Says "doctor, my life is hollow, I cannot go on."
Doctor says "great clown pagliacci is in town. go see him, he will cheer you right up."
man takes doctor's advice
goes to see pagliacci
pagliacci is a fucking riot, actually
man feels better
man enrolls in clown school
man feels actualization for first time
man pursues therapeutic help and continues in exciting new entertainment career

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Our governments didn't fail us.
They sabotaged us.

Forget Right-To-Work laws.
I want Right-To-Twerk laws!
If I can't even twerk on the job, then what's the point?

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Someone: *downvotes me*
Me: "Maybe I am worthless after all?"

People are saying that Millennials and Gen Z are fighting, but, like, what are y'all talking about? I've not seen this at all. Are y'all trying to create some sort of false narrative here to get us fighting? Look, we both got the short end of Baby Boomers and Gen X's stick.
We both got screwed over. Let's be comrades and barbecue Bezos together ❤️

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AL law would criminalize medical treatment of trans youth 

#Alabama state Judiciary cmte is considering a bill that would make it a felony for a doctor to provide any #gender related treatment (including puberty blockers) to minors

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A really good interview with the Valley Labor Report about the Alabama Amazon union effort, leftist history in Alabama and how the ProAct will be a radical shift for union organizing (The link starts at the beginning of the interview, which is 30 min) #Union #Amazon #ProAct #Alabama

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I want to be that one friend who just oozes infectious optimism.

I mean, that is, if I had any friends.

If Vötgil is so good, why isn't there a Vötgil 2, hummm???

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