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My sector of the mastodontiverse feels like the Transport Town in Samuel R. Delany's story "Babel-17," home of good queer folks of every kind. Perhaps I'm "technically Customs people," but like Rydra Wong my heart's home is with the Transport.

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Imagine sea gazelle flirting with you in real life wow that's intense

andi and audrey you're also pretty and zoe too. all the zoes. we have a veritable SURFEIT of cuties on here and YOU ALL KNOW IT

You’re way hotter than you think you are, girls

I'm feeling emotional this morning and just want to say being kind or nice to others is my favorite thing in the world. I can be unkind and it's when I like myself least.

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explaining obvious things to people is exhausting why do men do it to women so much

I really did not get dressed today but neither did Shankly, so

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making a masto blanket fort. fave to add a blanket. boost to hop in and get cozy

men who try to claim libraries can be replaced by "netflix for books" don't understand what a library is for Show more

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What if you could sincerepost,, but irl

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