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This is my belated . My name is Zoë; I'm non-binary and genderfluid pansexual in my early 30s.

By the day, I work in physical science. All day long, I'm hella :100_gay:. I love reading, writing letters, drawing stuff, taking photos of nature (especially plants), and sometimes writing for fun. I identify as leftist, humanist, and anti-authoritarian. Spiritually, I'm a universal unitarian.

Currently, I'm being treated for depression and anxiety disorders. I use CWs liberally, and if you'd like me to CW my posts, please let me know.

All interactions are welcome, as long as we remain respectful towards each other and their consent as human beings, no more no less.

It's nice to meet ya! :heart_nb:

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My sector of the mastodontiverse feels like the Transport Town in Samuel R. Delany's story "Babel-17," home of good queer folks of every kind. Perhaps I'm "technically Customs people," but like Rydra Wong my heart's home is with the Transport.

capitalism has commodified our sexuality, now it's selling it back to us & "progressives" think that's freedom

making breakfast when @morae was here: good morning, my dear! i have prepared an egg sandwich with pepper jelly, crispy turkey bacon, mixed greens in a Steen's cane syrup vinaigrette, and kim chi mayo. would you like coffee, cocoa, perhaps some blood orange soda?

making breakfast alone: i eat the heel of the loaf with a little jelly, over the sink, growling at my food

Can't get calls begging you to adopt kittens during kitten season if you're the one making the calls begging people to adopt kittens during kitten season

Good morning, we scanned a couple volumes of an encyclopedia of heraldry and I am in love with them

valid to be utterly miserable through the whole of winter and then feel like you could defeat god in hand to hand combat without breaking a sweat as soon as the sun comes out

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Plum /Prunus mume/ flowers -- solace in the terrible weather and bringer of sweet fragrance 💚

Anyone know of resources on queer-friendly support groups?

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No Nazis. No Fascists. No bigotry. Listen and be excellent to each other.