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Shameless self-promotion: If you'd like to support my poetry translation under the tag, here's my Ko-Fi tip jar:

Turning coffee into poetry :blobcatcoffee:

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An updated / .

My name is Zoë; I'm non-binary and genderfluid pansexual in my mid 30s.

By the day, I work in the books business. All day long, I'm hella :100_gay:. I love reading, writing letters, drawing stuff, taking photos of nature (especially plants and birds), and sometimes a bit of writing for fun. I identify as leftist, humanist, and anti-authoritarian. Spiritually, I follow the Unitarian Universalist way.

Currently, I'm being treated for depression and anxiety disorders. I use CWs liberally, and if you'd like me to CW my posts, please let me know.

I am trained in mathematics, physics, and astronomy. I love learning more about the world and its people.

All interactions are welcome, as long as we remain respectful towards each other as human beings, no more no less.

It's nice to meet ya! :heart_nb:

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If my posting or interaction causes you discomfort in any way, you have the choice to let me know and help me be a better person. The choice is strictly yours. I understand you may not want to do that, and also I may not deserve it. Meanwhile, I appreciate that I am given the opportunity.

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selfie, eye contact, filter used 

I got my maxiskirt! With big practical pockets!!!

begpost, mutualaid, in dire need for money :boost_ok: 

sooo, I'm fucked. I need money to pay bills and food urgently and my work depends 100% on my mental health that is 100% kaput those days because of money.

I've been spiraling for almost 15 days trying to find a solution and if not due to some other help I've recieved I do not know where I'd be.

Basically, my dad screws me over money, I get in a real bad place, I can't work at all, everything goes downhill really fast.

I can do some tarot reading and simple pixel arts and stuff

I have a ko-fi that I think should be working.

Theorically I have a paypal too but I dunno if it does let me recieve money from overseas easily. No link for me.

If you can boost this I'll be forever grateful for y'all. 🥺

#mutualAid #transCrowdfund #mutualAidRequest #begpost


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It's rather fortunate for them that russian deserters are not (yet) flooding border passes such as Khabarovsk, Blagovishchensk, or Ussurysk ftm.

If they do, they'll be in a surprise how "welcome" they will end up with, possibly after a month or two. (For reasons that I totally disapprove of.)

During which time their new "friends" will be sweating over which of the two buttons to press on a daily basis.

When Anglos insist on "word count"... in pausa or fully sandhied?

i hate being That Person, but it's pronounced "descriptive grammar" NOT "prescriptive grammar"

obscure Sanskrit pun 

When cats feel fulfilled they go pṝ, pṝpṝpṝ... pūryante

Now I'm tasked with the Augean job of finding the total sum of words I've translated, ever, while a large portion of the original documents have been missing.


This book (Devassia's modern epic, Kristubhāgavatam) is actually quite good for learning Sanskrit, because

- the language is dignified but not exceedingly ornate or obscure

- each verse is accompanied by prose translation in English, with further notes on cultural references

- the material (life of Jesus) is fairly well-known for those with some western cultural background

- the book is available from the Internet Archive


- the typesetting quality isn't great, and on top of this, the defects of scanning add to the problems with legibility

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trans stuff, wishes 

I wish I could find a lgbtq-friendly local photographer who's willing to do gender-confirming photoshoots for me.

And I wish I weren't too broke to pay them.

Sanskrit, Chinese 

I like how in this rendition the word for "angel" is "devadhūta" (deva-messenger, not a modern coinage), which happens to literally correspond to the Chinese 天使. In most Western languages the origin of the word "angel" (invariably derived from the Greek adopted by the LXX bible) simply means any messenger in general.

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na jāne puruṣaṃ kaṃcit kathaṃ tatsaṃbhaviṣyati | 4.26 a, b

"I don't have-knowledge/experience-of (middle voice) any man; how should that be possible?"

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do you have any recommandations for packers (better if they can also be used as stand-to-pee but not necessary), that aren't too expensive?

boost welcome

In other news, there's another bower bird nest near my house again! Excited since I was worried they'd never come back.

public finance, the Bank of England 


@zoec @ghost_bird Oh, I was hoping it was about making books more like 20000 leagues under the sea...

so uh, where do people recommend getting binders these days?

boost okay


mṛtir hi dāsyāt khalu mānināṃ varam || 1.14 c, d

"Because dying as a proud people is still preferable to servitude."

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Everything is a well
From which Truth may come out
Naked and raising hell
To cast shame all about

With 3 DAYS REMAINING, The Highwayman - A graphic adaptation is 80% funded!
Share the word to help it push to the finish line!

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