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If my posting or interaction causes you discomfort in any way, you have the choice to let me know and help me be a better person. The choice is strictly yours. I understand you may not want to do that, and also I may not deserve it. Meanwhile, I appreciate that I am given the opportunity.

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selfie eye contact sort of 

Definitely cryptid spotted

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selfie, eye contact, filter used 

I got my maxiskirt! With big practical pockets!!!

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This is my belated . My name is Zoë; I'm non-binary and genderfluid pansexual in my early 30s.

By the day, I work in physical science. All day long, I'm hella :100_gay:. I love reading, writing letters, drawing stuff, taking photos of nature (especially plants), and sometimes writing for fun. I identify as leftist, humanist, and anti-authoritarian. Spiritually, I'm a universal unitarian.

Currently, I'm being treated for depression and anxiety disorders. I use CWs liberally, and if you'd like me to CW my posts, please let me know.

All interactions are welcome, as long as we remain respectful towards each other and their consent as human beings, no more no less.

It's nice to meet ya! :heart_nb:

The Guardian has not been able to independently verify the claim of Zoë‘s gender.

Tired: orthography
Wired: metagraphy
Inspired: paragraphy

assuming I can get the unvoiced “r” right.

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COVID but really a trivial matter 

When it’s OK to go to hairdresser again I’ll have my hair red and call myself Pyrrha.

I should not have gone into the rabbit hole that is 1950s Chinese newspapers. Now I want to find out the correct original of a transcribed Russian surname of some woman who probably never existed.


Why isn’t it pronounced like “canon”?

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mama said there'd be days like this (she worked at the temple of delphi)


Sesame butter... if you agree

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Alignment chart under construction... chaotic neutral: any work that concerns itself with the position of human in the universe is a work of science fiction

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The Dream of Scipio by Cicero was a work of science fiction.

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One of these days I’ll make some new art for Queer Garden. Altho I still like my shaky hand tech mandala.

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je me demande si des personnes sont toujours intéressées par une trad des poèmes de le guin en français?
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#introduction hellooooo, im lucy, an 18 y/o lesbian trans girl.

i might be plural, might not be (big uncertainty atm)

im a vegan libsoc but im admittedly not very knowledgable on much in-depth leftist stuff.

im into astronomy, maths and physics (hoping to study astrophysics!)

im way too into cs:go

i really really really like affection lol

nice to meetcha ^-^

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mental health (social anxiety); discussion of adhd too; drugs 

I have also suspected that I may be ADHD-adjacent, but I have never obtained a diagnosis.

However, I have always been wondering about the *intersection* of ADHD with anxiety, and with general "difficulty" with socialization (in the general sense of being in a society, interact with people, understanding one's social self, etc.). My understanding of the "actual" ADHD is very limited, so what I write must be taken with a huge grain of salt. What I find in particular is that how a very meaningful and significant dimension of the ADHD is the *emotions*. All the while the society quite expectedly focus on the medicalization and "getting things done" (productivity) dimensions.

I think part of the reason why I'm not even that willing to seek an ADHD diagnosis (apart from being in a pandemic) is that, if actually given one, what if they just give me amphetamines? (This is without knowing whether the meds will work)

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mental health (social anxiety); caricature of whiteness 

Just imagine the prospect of me having one tenth of the confidence and self-assurance of a Generalized White Cishet Male.

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mental health (social anxiety) 

A lot of the very hard problems I got myself into were, and are, a result of me being Afraid Of People.

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