Wow, this has been a relatable one for a lot of people!

Uh, nothing to promote, but I hope everyone stays cool in this heat, and don't forget to water your house and/or garden plants!

@wolfie Considering how little I've managed to accomplish the past few months, I'm leaning toward pond scum algae bloom: spreading out thin, cutting off oxygen, getting nowhere needed fast.

A late bloomer working on being a funky fern that can go places and do interesting things. Just taking a helluva lot longer than expected. Now gonna exorcise the demons of lethargy and go do some journaling with my dogs outside.

unsure if this actually makes sense but whatever 

@wolfie Inside me there are two plants. A fern, and a moss. I have ADHD & Autism.

@wolfie recently, i have come to think that »late bloomer« can be an indicator of traumatisation at very young age.

@eibart I feel the same could easily be argued for early bloomers too, but I think it's actually far more complex, and everyone develops at their own pace

@fink no problem, the fediverse has trained me well 😊

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