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Snake - new family member! 

We now have a snek frend in our household and isn't she adorable! She's an Albino Enchi morph Royal Python and about 2 years old. She's settling in to her new home at the moment :awwwblob:

No name yet but we're thinking about it!

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We were listening to Little Mix and my girlfriend said I'm the Little Mx :blobpout:

Things that irritate me about the way people share links:

Using Nitter/the youtube one links rather than linking direct to twitter/youtube, if you want to use those cool, but they force dark theme, you can't interact with the content and it's confusing if you don't know what they are (I thought nitter was a fediverse site and couldn't work out how to get the link to load within mastodon)

Using reddit links that have forced themes in (old, compact etc) I had to install an add on to strip these


oh god people are suggesting a christmas toast on our doorsteps on christmas day "like we all did for the NHS" ugh, no go away


which shape is the most 'sexy'?

hmm seem to be some federation issues here on

If a BLÅHAJ wore a Christmas hat would they wear it like this or like this

hmm seems bad that has a 404 error

Oh what a tangled web we weave,
When we don't practice proper cable management.

Seems that my posts on @wolfie are taking a long time to federate, so if you get some weirdly slow responses that's why!

I think monster.pit went down soon after I copied my last backup there, but now is having a morning

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*goes through all alts to find one that's up* morning all o/

More terrible asexuality definitions 

and I didn't even notice the sapiosexuality definition in the middle, and a pansexuality definition but no bisexuality definition? Trash article "Medically reviewed by Janet Brito, Ph.D., LCSW, CST on January 15, 2020 " really??

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More terrible asexuality definitions 

Omg this article is awful from the start

"A person who identifies as asexual feels no sexual connection with any other people and has no desire to have sex" :blobnotlike:

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How many computers (desktops/laptops) do you use regularly?

This question is inspired by a zdnet article:

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