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Snake - new family member! 

We now have a snek frend in our household and isn't she adorable! She's an Albino Enchi morph Royal Python and about 2 years old. She's settling in to her new home at the moment :awwwblob:

No name yet but we're thinking about it!

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What's bigger:

It's only a Minotaur if it's from the Labyrinth region of Crete, otherwise it's just sparkling cow fursona

lesbian sex workers who put up with horny dudes are braver than the troops

Hey folks, I know you love your proxy sites for Twitter, YouTube etc - but if you're sharing a link could you please use the authoritative source so I know what the hell I'm going to be clicking on and make my own informed decisions?

Also 90% of these third party sites are by default dark-themed accessibility nightmares and I can't read half the stuff on them anyway.

NEW VIDEO: Gays In Space: The Limits of Cisnormative Sci-fi

did a new video peeps! (sorry for the delay ^^;)

its another unscripted one, talking mostly about gender and the Wayfarers series by Becky Chambers. shares, comments, likes and all other algorithm pleasing activities appreciated as ever 💫

Tantacrul destroys a load of bs about modern music being inferior.
The 'degeneration' of modern art is an inherently conservative false talking point (and one beloved of fascists).

Never forget we created the Taliban...

Never forget that if we had just let the Maoists Afghan coalition alone, and not have funded the Mujahideen. Their wouldn't have been 2 planes flying into the twin towers.

Never forget that the countries we invaded, weren't even a part of the terrorist attacks. And we were duped and lied into a proxy war with Iran.

Never forgot we pulled out of Afghanistan, and let the Taliban take over, and spit in the faces of hundreds of thousands who died over 20 yrs


How on earth has it been 20 years now

My "where were you when" story is that I was at home the day before going back for my second year of sixth form, turned on the radio in the afternoon and they were only playing music and not doing their usual chatty afternoon thing, then my younger brother came home from school and said he'd heard something about a plane hitting a building in the US, so we turned the TV on to a news channel and saw the constant coverage from there - probably about an hour after the second plane had hit

It was certainly a defining moment for my generation, we were just coming of age and it was a new millennium and suddenly everything changed, terrorism was a constant threat (even more so than during the IRA years here), politicians took away more and more civil liberties in the name of security, and there was war on the news every night

And now we have constant 24/7 streaming news to all our screens, so the answer to "where were you" is mostly "on my phone"

oh nice, all three matrix movies are on netflix, though adding them to my watch list crashed the app on the TV so that was a thing...

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A conscientious objecter to the Gender Wars

Burning my gender draft card

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I'm Sorry, I Can't, I Have Female Socialization - by Daniel Lavery

When I got to "I’m only AFAB when someone isn’t nice to me….and you wouldn’t like me when I’m AFAB" I laughed so hard I couldn't breathe for a bit. :)

Finally getting around to hacking away at the bindweed that has taken over our garden, in a couple of hours (with a break for heavy rain) I filled four black bin bags with all the weed covering the back fence and decking at the end of the garden

Had to have a long shower after cos it's so humid I was soaked through!

Just filled the car with the weed filled bags and some other stuff for the tip and now I'm exhausted again - but gotta make my til appointment between 4.30 & 5pm so better head off soon, even though my back is killing!

Before photo is from July, I forgot to take one today! (please ignore the neighbour's display of patriotism)

Mastodon idea: There should be a box in your profile that you can check if you're super into FOSS and that you can leave unchecked if you're not and then other people can filter out fossbros and never ever have to deal with them ever again.

when I see sheep out of a train window or far away on a hillside I become emotional because I think about if sheep were small enough to hold very carefully in your hand. I'm talking cotton ball size. they would be so soft and so small... they could eat mosses......

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some details of what went on behind the scenes with the guardian censoring the Judith Butler interview

I got this hand wash and just started using it, and it smells like you've washed your hands with ribena 😂

I feel like my coolest hipster cred lately comes from having read the Judith Butler interview before it was redacted. :)

(Now available here. The redacted part is the question that starts "It seems that some within feminist movements are becoming sympathetic to these far-right campaigns," and the entire answer to it.)

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