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Wordle 314 

Well, time to retire that starter word πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚

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I'm Wolfie (they/them), and here's my re- !

I'm white British, agender, mid 30s, live in the South of England and am very online!

I have a few alt mastodon accounts but use them rarely, over here I post my daily , I live post during , I'm :heart_ace:, :polyamory_flag: and as heck :100_gay:

I have unusual pets, a , a called Seraphina, and several , (giant african ) who I occasionally post about

I did at university and I love unusual, "ugly" and interesting animals!

I'm an old school social media person, I only follow as many people as I can keep up with on my feed as I like to see every post!

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food, "new" technology! 

Omg, I had to order a tin opener like the one in the recent tech connections video (here if anyone hasn't seen it ) because he made it sound amazing, well I finally got to try it today on a tin of Tunah (vegan tuna) I got at the local corner shop and I'm totally obsessed!

I've always hated when people use normal tin openers to cut the entire top off because of an injury I got once from one, but also when you do the proper "cut just the lid part" method you still get sharp edges, and the ring pulls can bend the lid and make it hard to remove.

But this, it cuts through where they fold the lid and body together, leaving no sharp edges and it's so easy! You can even sort of put the lid back on!

I got mine here

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photo of a snail (shell only), garden 

I did manage to step outside for five minutes the other day, so here is a photo of a tiny snail sleeping in one of my dahlias.

(I got it in a swap. It was labelled "Franz Kafka" but it looks nothing like that variety. If anyone recognizes it, I'd love to know what it is.)

#Garden #Gardening #florespondence

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Can you read an analog clock?

I thought mastodon might like this song

Sample lyrics:

:blobcatsurprised: I won’t wear the cat ears

:blobcatumm: It’s not an ahegao hoodie, it’s a work of art

I found it because "Soft Boy" was trending on twitter :blobhajhug:

Just been tidying the profiles and follow lists on my main and alt accounts so you may have received a follow request from one or the other! And I think I only cleared out old and dead accounts and alts from my lists!

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@hazel the kanji for wolf, η‹Ό, consists of two parts: the part on the right means "good," and the part on the left means "animal."

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Service toot to all fellow bisexuals :bisexual_flag: :pansexual_flag: :

Please be reminded that you are under a status effect of high visibility today. Vanishing spells will likely fizzle and stealth checks have disadvantage. Take care.


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I did see Sam Smith had been on Radio One's live lounge today but there had only been two videos uploaded earlier and neither was Unholy, but looks like they did it later once the song released and brought Kim Petras along too 😁

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Finally it's out! Not necessarily the most anticipated song ever, but I've been needing to hear more than the 10s they uploaded to Tiktok for a few weeks now and the the release got delayed cos noone was playing songs that weren't respectful!

lmao, Channel 4 just aired the first episode of season 3 of Harley Quinn and it seems they cut this scene out, which was a little less inappropriate when it aired in the US in July πŸ˜†

PRIEST: Do you take Florence to be your wife?


PRIEST: Does anyone have anything-

RAGE: [from the back] I'M AGAINST THIS

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