By the way, schizophrenia isn't treatable.

No, seriously, no medication helps with schizophrenia.

Anti-psychotics treat only that symptom: psychosis.

Schizophrenia is much, much more than that, and the way your schizophrenic peers need your help is so much more than you probably think.

Disorganized speech, thoughts, emotions; blunted affect, a lack of emotion, inappropriate emotional responses..

Did you know schizophrenia can even cause -hand tremors-? That's right, my hands shake 24/7, all day every day. I don't know if they shake in my sleep but I wouldn't be surprised

Schizophrenia can make you -not enjoy things-. Like, it fucks with your reward system. It can literally make you enjoy things you used to hate, or even make you enjoy things like pain

Schizophrenia also causes a lot of anger and agitation. Certain sounds: buzzing, pencils, markers, certain fabrics; can cause extreme anger and annoyance. Whenever I write with a pencil it hurts so much I literally have to cry. Remember, schools in the USA almost always require that tests be taken with a #2 pencil

Schizophrenia can fuck with your ability to socialize. Some days I'm smooth and fun, and then with some people or on other days I'm so awkward it hurts. It can fuck with your ability to make connections..

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I take MDMA as a way to finally make those emotional connections and to break through that forced apathetic fog schizo leaves you in. It doesn't help with feeling disorganized and having trouble saying things (in fact sometimes it makes it harder because you're finally feeling the love you've been missing and you want to excitedly tell them everything about--

Oh right. Excitement. Schizophrenia is weird in that it makes you very apathetic all the time.. but then at certain points you will suddenly burst into excitement. Whether you started thinking about something you like, or are near someone you like, or particular vibes or visual moods (all depends on the person), you immediately need to gush and vent and move around..

If you haven't noticed, some of these symptoms overlap with the autism spectrum. The excitability, desire to do repetitive actions, the social awkwardness, talking about oneself, ticks and tremors, agitation; there's more similarities than you think

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If you'd like to help a schizo girl who's particularly struggling,,

Every bit makes a difference 💜

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@violet I would Love to cross-ref this with My neurodivergence. Reading about things only gives so much of a picture of the condition.

I thought I had scizophrenia for a long time, and it turned out to be the Co-Morbid DID. Went from constant panic attacks and screaming breakdowns to being a Healer for a bunch of my friends who had it on the down-low in around a Year once I knew what was going on.

Went from a Dysfunctional family in here to a Loving one.

medicine opinion 

re: medicine opinion 

@violet A very close friend recently developed schizophrenia. My wife and I want to support her. Don't want to bother you but if you have any suggestions or recommended resources I would love to hear them.

Sure! It'll have to wait a bit because I'm exhausted and drifting out of consciousness lmao


Every person's experience is extremely unique, schizophrenics are no exception. I could tell you advice that would help me, but it likely wouldn't help them; The things that agitate vary greatly, also if their personality tends more towards schizoid than schizotypal then I really won't be able to help because those experiences are extremely different even if they appear similar outwardly.

What helps me most is compassion that is tangible. I experience a lot of auditory hallucinations, so usually auditory compassion isn't enough to break through the "fog". People expressing empathy by talking in a lighter, sweeter voice, touching or holding me; that suddenly makes worlds of difference. Also, just having someone around who I know won't judge me so I can ask "Is X really happening right now?"; Sometimes just being able to see what they react to or not really helps ground me.

@beebs I would start by trying to just let them know you're there to talk to and share their experience with. The one thing that sets off my schizo most is feeling like I'm being interrogated; "Why are you doing that?" "Are you doing to do this chore?" "Where are you going?" "Why are you saying that?"; It makes me feel like a freak and it gets very frustrating and makes my teeth hurt. Rather than asking when they do weird things that might be due to hallucinations, I recommend giving a warm nonchalant smile-- feeling accepted is the hardest part for most schizophrenics

@beebs As for resources; Therapy with someone who specializes in schizophrenia is KEY. I don't have this right now, but.. honestly, someone who they can completely express any dark part of their experience to without fear of judgement or being worried they'll scare a loved one is so important.

The main difference I've seen in "low-functioning" or "high-functioning" schizophrenics with similar intensities of experience: one of them had compassionate, caring people who made them feel welcome, secure, loved, and normal. That, more than anything, can help someone cope with getting torn from reality as viscerally as some of us are.


I know "be compassionate!" might seem vague, so I'll add "in a very motherly way"; not belittling, but accepting wholly.

anyways I hope some of my half awake rambling was useful, me in 8 hours will probably have better resources oop

@violet definitely useful, thank you for taking the time to talk with me about this.

@beebs any time!!! Thank u for having the empathy to want to know how to best assist your friend. I've had so many very close people in my life never make any attempt to learn more about schizo or make an attempt to comfort me intimately; you'd think anyone with a schizo partner would do that, but it's.. actually pretty rare for us

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