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Tids' rules learned from using Mastodon for a month. 

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Coming back to Masto just to complain about an assignment that's due in two days that I'm too busy to do a good job of.

*breathe in*

*Breathe out*

Alright, let's do this!

Implying violence against children. 

Woah, what the fuck?!

Monster's Inc. is actually an intelligent screenplay about how capitalism uses fear to sustain itself!

Harry Potter film discourse 

Sportsball, Sportsball shade-throwing. 

When you're a classical kid and know that Oboes' name comes from the French "hautbois", and so whenever you see :hotbois: about, you get excited for some double reed action.

Train is packed like a sardine can, the train conductor is clearly bored, there's no 4G signal where I am and I'm probably going to be standing up for another half hour at least.

What the fuck's up with you, Mastodon?

My classmates once described a fellow classmate as "good value.

Apparently this is a common expression.

I was not aware of it.

So, from now on, whenever I am talk about our mutual classmate, I described them as "massive clearance sale at Greg's crazy carpet warehouse, with up to 50% on persian rugs, but hurry must end Sunday!"

Auspol, how not to handle the result, rant. 

Auspol, how not to handle the result, rant. 

Hey, fun fact, we can blame the Liberals for this one, as always, because it turns out that, in order to suck G.W. Bush's dick just a little more, the lame duck decided that it'd be a great idea to tack another 20 years onto our copyright term as part of a US-Australia free trade agreement.

So thanks, John Howard.

I like how, as a classical composer, I hate copyright and I hate that it makes me wish some of my favourite composers dies fifty years ago so that I could at least illegally access their sheet music through Canadian websites, where it would be public domain, yet I'd rather not part with it because it means that I might just make a living one day from the pieces I write.

It's a delicate balance we must strike here.

Greta von Fleet doesn't suck because they ripped off led zeppelin, they suck because they sound exactly like led zeppelin and led zeppelin fucking sucks

I think Madonna's performance at Eurovision 2019 will go down as one of the worst mid-act music performances of any major event ever.

If you've never listened to La Fille au Cheveux de lin this is a bad place to start, go listen to a good version by a good pianist, then read this toot. 

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