TFW You Worldgorger Dragon, tap all mana sources, followed shortly by a Decree of Annihilation.

So done with the infinite scroll. Meaningful human contact, please.

Come to me, Magic The Gatthering folk. Let's discuss spells and shit.

Shout out to all the queer furries in the house!

What's the warranty on a human brain? I have a defective one and I am inquiring about a replacement.

How long before they build their space space station spaceship factory?

I have no idea how to handle the situation I am in and all my brain does is ruminate. I have no one to blame. I have no solutions I can pursue. What am I supposed to do...

Can anyone clue me in on dissociative identity disorder? Someone I love very much may have it and I need to learn.

Call me poliwag, because I am a polyamorous husker.

Start therapy again in a few weeks, and am super nervous. Not of the therapist, but of all the diagnoses I am pretty sure are going to come from it.

Saw Alita. Decent movie. Gave me insane cyborg envy, though. Fuck biology.

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