The bicycle is such an elegant vehicle. So beautiful and iconic, graceful and efficient.

street scammers 

What do y'all think about paying street scammers? I used to have the mindset of detecting scams and avoiding giving them a single cent at all times, but I've been reflecting recently and wondering if it is really such a big deal. If they have nothing better to do than trick people for money, then they probably need it, right? If they're asking for an amount I can comfortably give, then who cares if they actually need it for drugs or something. The more sneaky or forceful the scam is, the less likely I am to willingly give them money if I figure it out though.

For example, I gave someone $10 because they were "$8 short for the bus home". My parents told me afterwards that was a scam. But even if I had known they were lying, would I still give them the money? Is it foolish to do so?

Not screen reader-friendly, secret message for nerds 


I made a button from my fungible star artwork and I'm so content with it

I just had to pirate a movie because DRM made the copy I actually paid for unplayable. DRM literally causes piracy lmfao

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I've been meaning to draw the *other* Linux mascot for a while and this ASCII art phase seemed appropriate, so here's a Xenia.
(about an hour's doodle)

I just found out that my windows 10 partition broke itself, meanwhile "unstable" arch linux has not failed to boot in the 2 years I've been daily-driving it. Lmao

I love how they always tease us when they release singles by cutting off with a transition to the next song, so you can tell the single is a part of an album

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i wish all the cool fediverse people inside my phone were real 😔

Honestly being a trans girl rocks because I can talk in a feminine voice but also sing like brad roberts from crash test dummies

Oh my god two of my favorite instruments: glass harp and theremin. They complement each other so beautifully in this performance.

Howl's Moving Castle theme "Merry-Go-Round of Life" performed on theremin and glass harp:

Song recommendation ❤️ 

I like to listen to the whole album this is from, it's so relaxing and nice

"Yasmine" by Kinobe:

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money help ask 

hi lovelies,
i've been keeping on top of things for the most part and am ready to start streaming on a regular basis! :blobcatcoffee:
one thing that's making life a lot harder and limiting my ability to interact is that i haven't had phone credit in a while.
i'm putting out a call for contributions to get $20 to top up my phone so i'm not wifi-hopping so much of the time.
you can help me out here:
be sure to check out my streams this weekend! leave a name and note in your donation and i will read it on stream to personally thank you!

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self promo 

i made a website! :BoostOK:

it lets you upload your song stems so other people can do remixes easily, and it gives you access to other's stems. easy and free collaboration for everyone

i wrote a joke-y ad for it that i posted in some discord servers, but it's too long to fit in a post so im just uploading a screenshot

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