Here I made an anti-NFT! No blockchain is needed, because it belongs to everyone. Yes, even you, it's yours! Feel free to boost, screenshot, or right click & save! <3

Food: easy and healthy snack recipe 

Looking for an easy snack to improve your nutrition? Try this one I learned from my dad! All you need is a cucumber, salt, and pepper. You just wash and slice up a cucumber into rounds (you can peel it first if you want, but I don't). Then sprinkle salt and pepper to taste! Add salt a little at a time so you don't accidentally oversalt it.

If the cucumber is big enough, you can slice the whole thing and save half of it for another day! Cucumbers are very good for you 👍 ❤️

I just made this simple little song demo in LMMS using a single, 3-second long sample from my synthesizer.

I think I'm going to revise it a little bit and make a polished piece out of this! :blobuwu:

somebody make The Black Parade: The Musical pleeeease

When people ask me what kind of music I like, I have no idea what to tell them. Albums I've listened to today include Abbey Road, Butterfly 3000, Infest the Rats' Nest, the Minecraft soundtrack, and Dave Brubeck's Greatest Hits

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i wish i could change my mastodon username without moving accounts 😞 it seems like such a hassle

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⚠️ IMPORTANT: Users of Element Desktop/Web/Android, FluffyChat & Nheko should upgrade immediately to address a critical encryption vulnerability.

We are not aware of this being exploited in the wild yet, but as the bug is now disclosed please upgrade now.

I've recently started learning the rust programming language and so far I'm really enjoying it 🦀

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lyric-posting, repeating letters 

buuuuuuutterflyyyyyyyy three thooooousaaaaaand


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I do an internet search for "queer cafe" in my area 😁

There's a queer cafe/bar/library/community center in my area 😳🤯

It opened just 2 years ago, then closed before I even realized i was queer due to pandemic + eviction 😖😭

It seems they are partnering up with the equality community center of maine and are opening a new space there soon 😳😍🥺

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money help 

I'm getting no UC due to the last HMRC grant continuing to count as income this month even though it was all eaten up by my missed rent

So I'm going to have to pay half my rent tomorrow and be left with practically nothing, and trying to support a household of people with awful mental health.

If anyone can throw me a few quid so we can get through a few days as work stuff picks up again that would be incredibly appreciated£wolfpurplemoon

KGLW's new album Butterfly 3000 is SO. GOOD. I've listened to it so many times already I'm absolutely in love

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Hacking my own instance to add a third button to the suite:
> Boost
> Fave
> I Shouldnt Reply Because This Is Wildly Out Of My Lane And Its Too Heavy For A Fave But Damn That Sucks Feel For You Bud

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The worst thing about Jeff Bezos blowing himself up in a rocket is that elon musk will tweet “lmao” and it will be the most liked tweet ever

why are people on fedi so cool & awesome :blobcat:

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