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i am not in fact the leader of a cult but id be a pretty good one i think, im grey-a so not into the weird sex stuff that undoes most cults

all the rituals are just for fun and sex acts are all extracirricular and between enthusiastically consenting adults only! now who wants some koolaid

should i boost the HP Lovecraft toot again just for the attention

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the lyric "are we human or are we dancer" implies the existence of a non-human, sentient race inhabiting the earth, called "dancers," who can effortlessly mimic the appearance and mannerisms of a human being. this menace must be rooted out and destroyed.

might fuck around and activate my mammalian dive reflex in the bathroom sink

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might fuck around and become tangible. might mess around and become corporeal.

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if i stay awake longer, i won't have enough sleep before work

sometimes my memories feel so far away. i'm thinking about something that happened at 3pm today and it feels like months ago. even the present moment is distant and intangible

i'm good at being self absorbed and not letting people in. i'm so very obsessed with my own identity that i've lost track of it

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the only custom emoji has are



those are the only necessary custom emoji

sometimes i can feel the barbed wire around my heart. it doesn't keep anyone out, it just tightens.

if i ever moved, I think I'd move to or but I'm very happy here for now. I like and the people here a lot :^)

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This place reeks of self destruction it’s heavy with the weight of loss. The bridge, the forest, the lake. It is a place of devouring, a monster out in the open, ignored by everyone not already aware of it.

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I (a computer) drew a pixelly tree for you.

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