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me: *joyfully covering my new laptop in stickers I've collected over the years*

parents: oh wow that is ugly, wish you hadn't done that

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If you truly love the twinks you must let them roam free and make their own mistakes

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you could all be computer viruses for all i know

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duckburg! duck cities! duck capitalism! duck fascism! duck imperialism! duck war! duck atrocity! duck 9/11!

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there! my hair is pink! where's my fucking seratonin?

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what... is the point of me right now? I wish I had to stop the apocalypse or something so I'd have a reason to get out of bed

I am... a construct. a character in a story that people can relate to if they wish but not interactive

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that was a funny joke in which I pretended that my parents would bother even checking on me instead of just telling me to take my meds and clean the cat litter

dad: hey are you okay?

me: ladies and gentlemen truth is now acceptable fame is now injectable process the progress the core is critical faith is unavailable lives become incredible please understand that

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your d&d class based on your Harry Potter house:

Ravenclaw: Wizard
Hufflepuff: Wizard
Griffindor: Wizard
Slytherin: Wizard

how does anyone manage to exist as a person, day in day out?

I wish my emotions were stable and recognisable as a part of me rather than just an outside force that takes hold of me and makes me manically dye my hair then speak to no one for three days

my brain is sore and sad and I'm gonna hide in my bedroom all day because of it

I keep thinking back to year 9 drama when I was really bad at emotional memory because I was just numb all the time and Stanislavski doesn't cater to that but... I think i would be incredibly improved by now.

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No Nazis. No Fascists. No bigotry. Listen and be excellent to each other.