looking for work, updated 

In addition, I'm comfortable with Technical Writing (in English), and I am especially skilled in the sciences, mathematics, and computer science or technology.

If publishing in peer-reviewed scientific journals also counts as "Technical Writing", my track record isn't bad, either. My h-index is currently 9, with over 200 citations, according to the Web of Science database. Too meagre to survive academia, maybe, but I'm still pretty proud of the writing skills they attest to. Better than some native English users, I'm afraid.

I am also pretty good with coding myself, especially with Python and its C internals. Some of my contributions ended up in essential packages such as SciPy. However, I don't like a life dependent on writing code, something on which I'm rather burned out.

The more technical portfolio of mine is available on request, because I don't feel like blasting my "dead" name all around with the risk of doxxing.

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'Dear White Women Cheering Iranian Women'
Excellent piece by the wonderful Mona Eltahawy

Some TL:DR quotes:
"This isn’t a “whose flavour of patriarchy is worse” letter. This is a “fuck the patriarchy everywhere” grenade that I gift to you. This is not The Handmaid’s Tale, it’s real life. This is a wake the fuck up because clearly you’ve been drifting, cruising on the delusions that your whiteness will save you from white supremacist patriarchy."

"The patriarchy atop theocracy melange of Iran’s “morality police” is easier to see because it is so visibly expressed in enforced hijab. But what is the enforced pregnancy of the Christian zealots in the U.S. but a melange of patriarchy built atop theocracy right here?"

"Fuck theocracy everywhere.

Fuck fascism everywhere.

Fuck the patriarchy in every time zone and every universe.

Burn. Shit. Down."

#Feminism #Iran #US #Patriarchy

is joe hawley a gamer or does he just like 8-bit music

the world may never know


anyways i ordered chicken lemon rice

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mutual aid req, please boost!! 

please keep boosting and donate it you can, I only have enough food for another day or so

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eating and meds 

I hate how I have to eat twice to take my metformin bc sometimes like today I’ve only eaten once and I’m not hungry anymore but I need to take it with food so it can work


candy corn seasonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

asking for help 

Hey lovelies,

Could any of you spare a shiny dime or two to kick towards my "grocery fund"? My birthday is coming up soon so I'll get help from the fam in a bit, but I need a few bucks to keep me off "empty" til then.


love and 'preciate you all! 💖:blobheart:

Putting the puta in computability theory

if you tie womanhood to genitalia

why not instead tie yourself to a large boulder and throw it into the ocean

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- us weather: florida, urgent 

Get out of the Tampa Bay area now.

Map via weather.gov/srh/tropical

It's so weird to me how straight men talk about gay sex more than the actual gay people that I know.

Dudes are calling women gossipy, but let a dude wear a color that isn't ALPHA MALE APPROVED, and they will start deep speculation about their preferences. Ha, as if it has anything to do with them.

Few things are more insecure than a straight dude. And I say this as a straight dude.

They even get on my damn nerves with their shit.

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