so my first proper vlog is up! and it's about... !

as ever comments on the actual video appreciated - and shares offsite too, so we can try and bring more people over ^^

feelings, pos 

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oh also I forgot to link to the accounts of the artists featured in this video! go check them out:

Music: @envgen

@temporalcatnip, @paralithode and @guephren

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@shonalika well done, I’m glad mastodon is working out for you 🤗

Saw your profile pop up on my tl for your « diss vid », I quite enjoy your posts :)

@shonalika "it was immediately overrun by furries" 🤣

"...who set up a certain vibe for the place which I'm quite into." well put :blobcat:

@gatewave I love that we have such a significant furry population its the best :blobcat_mlem:

@shonalika same. i feel able to be open about being a weirdo here than birdsite, which is one reason i stick around

feelings, pos 

feelings, pos 

@shonalika I find the bit about the comparative ease of jumping in to finding connections here fascinating, because that’s the opposite of my experience. But, then, when I joined Twitter a decade ago it was at the same time as a bunch of people from at least one, maybe two, other communiities of people I already knew. Which definitely is not the case for me here, as almost no one I know has come over.

@bix oh, that’s interesting... yeah I guess it did help that I already knew someone on the site! it’d make sense to probably gather more experiences from people jumping into either site not knowing anybody to get a more “brutal” idea

@shonalika That was really well done! Not just the usual list of fediverse facts and definitions, but explaining the /attraction/ the place holds for so many of us.

I can't argue with the categories of people here, either. ^_^ *is called out*

I'll be passing that URL around. ^_^

@porsupah thank you so much, I really appreciate that! explaining *why* people use mastodon as actual individuals rather than presenting it as some sort of abstract idea was very much my aim so I’m glad that came across ^^

@shonalika well I just had to make this meme after you listed the 5 types of mastodon user :P

@shonalika Thank you. That's really accessible and well explained.

@shonalika this is a great video, thanks for sharing! :D definitely relate to mastodon being a nice break from the rest of the internet haha

@shonalika Yes, that angle you used was a really good one. I liked especially your village example.. Just missing one thing and that is the lack of spying. I don't have youtube so can't answer the guy in the comments asking about this... but a big pat on your shoulder for making this vid.

Also... happy to see @ohyran getting some screen time. ;)

@shonalika @ohyran Ohh.. and perhaps use "techies" or something instead of "techbros" next time. All the girls on her that use Linux e.t.c.. would probably feel kinda excluded otherwise.

@shonalika for real though, the video is great! it sums up the good parts and gives a nice overview of why it's worth giving mastodon a shot

@tom thanks! I mean your cameo is probably what's selling it tbh

@shonalika Thats a really good and helpful explainer video, and nice to have one to share that isn’t too techy focused.

@andybroomfield that was definitely what I was going for, thank you so much ^^

@shonalika Pretty sure this is the best Masto /Fedi explainer I've seen, great job!

@shonalika cool video! maybe you could consider uploading your stuff on Peertube as well?

@felix ok, here I am! just uploaded this video. is there anything I should know for getting started there?

@shonalika great, I just followed you! Nothing to know that I can think of really. But feel free to ask me if you have any questions

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That was a really nice and educational video 🖤
You are wonderful too 😄

Can I show it to my friends (maybe)?

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