so my first proper vlog is up! and it's about... !

as ever comments on the actual video appreciated - and shares offsite too, so we can try and bring more people over ^^

feelings, pos 

putting this video together made me properly appreciate this site, the friends I've made here, and the support that I've received ever since my first day. genuinely, its helped to bolster my confidence both as a musician and an individual, and provided a place to retreat when the rest of the world is just too miserable.

this is something truly unique and important we have here, and I'm so happy it exists <3

oh also I forgot to link to the accounts of the artists featured in this video! go check them out:

Music: @envgen

@temporalcatnip, @paralithode and @guephren

@shonalika well done, I’m glad mastodon is working out for you 🤗

Saw your profile pop up on my tl for your « diss vid », I quite enjoy your posts :)

@shonalika "it was immediately overrun by furries" 🤣

"...who set up a certain vibe for the place which I'm quite into." well put :blobcat:

@gatewave I love that we have such a significant furry population its the best :blobcat_mlem:

@shonalika same. i feel able to be open about being a weirdo here than birdsite, which is one reason i stick around

feelings, pos 

@amsomniac thank you! Glad to hear that as it’s my first in this format ^^

@shonalika That was really well done! Not just the usual list of fediverse facts and definitions, but explaining the /attraction/ the place holds for so many of us.

I can't argue with the categories of people here, either. ^_^ *is called out*

I'll be passing that URL around. ^_^

@porsupah thank you so much, I really appreciate that! explaining *why* people use mastodon as actual individuals rather than presenting it as some sort of abstract idea was very much my aim so I’m glad that came across ^^

@shonalika well I just had to make this meme after you listed the 5 types of mastodon user :P

@shonalika Thank you. That's really accessible and well explained.

@shonalika this is a great video, thanks for sharing! :D definitely relate to mastodon being a nice break from the rest of the internet haha

@shonalika Yes, that angle you used was a really good one. I liked especially your village example.. Just missing one thing and that is the lack of spying. I don't have youtube so can't answer the guy in the comments asking about this... but a big pat on your shoulder for making this vid.

Also... happy to see @ohyran getting some screen time. ;)

@shonalika @ohyran Ohh.. and perhaps use "techies" or something instead of "techbros" next time. All the girls on her that use Linux e.t.c.. would probably feel kinda excluded otherwise.

@shonalika for real though, the video is great! it sums up the good parts and gives a nice overview of why it's worth giving mastodon a shot

@tom thanks! I mean your cameo is probably what's selling it tbh

@shonalika Thats a really good and helpful explainer video, and nice to have one to share that isn’t too techy focused.

@andybroomfield that was definitely what I was going for, thank you so much ^^

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