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asking for money for car repairs 

me, age 14: what, no, I'm not a baby! I'm a real gamer who plays real video games! I don't need a baby mode!

me, age now: yes, I'm a baby. give the baby mode to me, the baby

Using fedi is much easier once you realise you need to basically type any random thought that gets stuck in your head and see what happens with it

Asking for Money, Food, Laundry, Transportation :boost_ok:​ 

i don't have optics that can really capture it, but tonight's moon is..... verrrrr good

asking for money for car repairs 

Privileged people b like @"I'm anti labels" because you told them they couldn't understand something because they're cis once

Queer update: I'm feeling genderlessly and subtly queer.

Nationalism, perception of cultures 

Wheelchairs, Venting, Info Request 

You aren't a real lesbian if you won't date trans women

gender joke 

ableism reminder (food mention), anti-capitalism (second-person, subtoot) 

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