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all you trans folks of color are amazing and deserve all the best :blobhearttranscat: :sparkles_trans:

actually, i'll get it done tomorrow. home enviro isn't the best right now for studying

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toot at me while i do homework? i could use some conversation to keep my spirits up :blobcatreach:

oh tomorrow is just gonna be cloudy! i can live with that!

i was looking forward to wearing a skirt and sandals this week but it looks like we're having a rainy spell :blobpout:

♿ Accessibility Reminder!

use image captions to describe images. in recent weeks i've seen image captions misused as commentary or single-word labels

in this case, you can TELL and not show, alright? :blobcat_mlem:

Please give me the strength of a cisgender person who’s pet you’ve just misgendered.

take your time. it's okay to be delicate. it's okay not to know. taking care of yourself is the most important and most revolutionary thing you can do right now :blobsnuggle: 🌱

I dont care how much horsepower a car has, just tell me how many eevees it can fit in it.

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If we all ate just a little bit of garbage everyday, within a year there would be somewhat less garbage

all you trans folks of color are amazing and deserve all the best :blobhearttranscat: :sparkles_trans:

@shinesprites this is a pic my mom sent me today of my lil fluff (he's quite a big fluff actually)

@shinesprites Meep! Late, but this is my one cat, Bubbles. She's a sweet cat, but very frightened of strangers, and will hide from them. She hangs around me the most, and often politely requests for me to hold her on my shoulder, or cuddles with me in bed.

@shinesprites Floppy is the orange fluffball and Tjejen ("Shay-en") is his smol round friend. They've been my best friends for almost thirteen years now. Both came from Tampa, lived for years in rural NY, then spent 4 months on the road in a travel trailer before settling down in WA state. They're very good sports! And very spoiled.

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