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i've identified as agender (and nonbinary, genderqueer, autgender) for several years now, but my orientations have been all over the place. at current, i'm proud to be demisexual 💜

half the articles about the amazon strike are also like "did you cross the picket line and pick up an insta-pot? here's tips and tricks for using it!"

Today's gender is the sound of dry leaves crunching underfoot.

genders, selves, nb/genderqueer/trans meta 

Somebody's mad because I won't let him just drink a whole-ass glass of milk

have you or a loved one been affected by sleepy baby disease?

you could be eligible for compensation, call now!


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it is ...... my birthday
i am .... poor
gimme cash
$beansofonline for cash app

the vegan bus is coming / and everybody’s running / they’re here to eat your garden / there’s nothing left to harvest

Me: Soon you need to pick up your toys my dear. That's a very large pile of toys.

Daughter: No.

Me: No?

Daughter: No, soon it's will be time to start a fire.

Me: 😨

writes "oh fuck off" in sharpie on a post-it note and sticks it to my forehead

On The Flowers, On The Flowers, On The Flowers, Sunk In The Flowers.
At A Certain Shrine, 4 Japanese Tree Frogs. Central Part Of CHIBA Prefecture JAPAN, 2019/07/15.

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