back to here because im not on the fediverse enough to justify self hosting an instance lol

well i got my pleroma instance up and running now so i shall be movin to that

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🎹 file conversion can be unexpectedly challenging. Most of these manga pdfs convert no problem into epub, but not Bloom Into You, instead I get this version where Yuu has taken 700mg of diphenhydramine and a shadow person has fallen in love with her

hmmm today I will mute every bot in my federated timeline

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the grass looks good in the pokemon remakes, party time :blobcatrainbow:

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AI-generated cake 

There's no cake fail like an AI-generated cake fail.

I had CLIP+VQGAN attempt some classic showstopper cakes. Here's its "galaxy glaze cake"

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they simply did not take into account that i am stupid

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hit the letsencrypt rate limit lets gooo

i have a visceral negative reaction whenever i see someone using brave

what if I just carry a laptop around with me all the time instead of a smart phone huh HUH..

WAIT its pleroma and not plemora
my life is a lie

i have literally nothing to do at work today help

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