terfs and herry potter 

Thanks for participating. I feel unwell when I see my Harry Potter tshirt. With good reason, it seems.

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🤔 Wenn ich per Anhalter durch die Welt reisen kann, dann sollte es doch auch möglich sein, per boosten durch das Fediverse zu reisen. Bitte booste mich! Ich werde versuchen, über diese Reise zu schreiben. Dankeschön.👍

Liebe Grüße Teoma 💙

🤔 If I can hitchhike through the world, then it should be possible to boost through the Fediverse. Please boost me! I will try to write about this trip. Thank you.👍

Kind regards Teoma 💙


terfs and harry potter 

lol, sorry for the typo. :blobcat:

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terfs and herry potter 

Does Harry Potter merch make you uncomfortable? I mean since JK Rowling went all out transphobic and stuff?

Apparently, my gf is temporarily barred from posting on FB for using words like 'pleasure' and 'sensuality' in a poll she was setting up.

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Nun ist es klar, ich brauche bald eine neue Arbeitsstelle in Berlin oder Remote.
Ich bin Orgelbauer, habe also so etwas ähnliches wie Tischler mit viel Mechanik gelernt, arbeite aber in meinem Beruf mit der Spezialisierung auf Elektrik/Elektronik/SPS-Programmierung.
Ich habe in der Richtung nichts vorzuweisen, kann aber gut mit Computern und Linux, lerne gerne neue Dinge und löse gerne Probleme.
So etwas wie technischer Support würde mir liegen.

Falls ihr was wisst, sagt gerne Bescheid 🙂

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Doomer no more? 

I think I went through doomerism and came out the other end. Now I just find things comically absurd.

Remembering 9/11 

When I first heard about 9/11, I was on the loo dropping a deuce.

That was clever foreshadowing of how the US responded to the event.

Apparently, the thing about the hospital in Oklahoma being swamped by people taking too much ivermectin was fake news. So the horse dose thing might be a myth or overblown. 🤷‍♂️

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It's weird that metal has become one of my tools to keep a semblance of mental health. Next to yoga, meditation and all that stuff.

:demon: 🎸

Ecomodernism is the problem masquerading as the solution.


:drake_dislike: Proven medical procedures?

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:drake_dislike: Historiography on Epidemics?

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Operation Dark Winter? 😂

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After all these years of the zombie fad and we handle Corona like this? 😂

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hi it’s been a while i’m in public health hell

Doomer stuff 

You know how people sometime ask "What would you do if it was the apocalypse?"

Apparently the answer is working towards next months rent.

Capitalism be like ... 

"Let's burn some trees to make monies!" 🤑

And then be like ...

"Oh, you wanna *fly*, you pos polluting consumer? How about you give us monies so we plant sum trees for u?" 🤑

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