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nudity, aggressive bear 

It's these kinds of fantasies that keep me going.

source: memebase probably

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accessibility (pinned) 

I add alt text to pictures I toot, but I'll boost pictures even if they don't have alt text.

Feel free to tell me if I can improve my own toots and alt text for accessibility.

Resident evil this, resident evil that… when are y’all gonna make landlords evil

Elon musks child, transphobia 

I didnt realize Elon Musk had other kids from before Grimes, but learning he has an 18 year old trans daughter who is legally filing a name change to match her gender identity and so she'll no longer be related to her father in name really puts his "pronouns suck" "this isnt your heart" shenanigans into a much worse light.

music, yt link, body horror, lots of eye contact, violence 

Absolute banger.


Hardlab - "Time Has Come"

When the windows are so big, they don't fit on your screen. :blobcatknife:

"All your base are belong to us!"
implies that
"All your cringe are belong to you!"

Today I learned that John Astin, who played Gomez Addams in the 1960's TV show, is the adoptive father of Sean Astin, who played Sam in Lord of the Rings.

My extreme sport is bringing up leftist arguments with students without using scary words like Karl Marx, anarchism and such.

This is what it looks like:

Est-ce qu'en apprenant le bilan carbone de Bernard Arnault, vous ne vous sentez pas un peu fiers de faire pipi sous la douche ?

#BernardArnault #JetPrivé #EatTheRich #GriseBouillePresse

Italian engineer invented a time machine. 

They called it the Pasta Machine.

is there anyone who can help me escape my abusive home.. im desperate

food, joke, de 

Ingwer impliziert die Existenz von Ingwie, Ingwas, Ingwo, Ingwann.


what it is: capital+ism. the investors call the shots

what normies hear when you say the word: free market. buyers - of the company's product, not its "equity" - call the shots

the more times someone wearies themselves re-debunking that myth, the more people there are who will have learned that distinction for the first time


I "love" how people who love capitalism have no idea what it is.

If only someone wrote a book about it. :marx_thinking:

religion, christianity 

Can't spell Jesus without sus.

Spooky movie. Over a hundred years old. Less than four minutes.

💀 👻

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