what if frankenstein's monster went to school and got a doctorate. what the fuck then

@picklemaddierix doctor frankenstein's doctor monster?
doctor doctor frankenstein's monster?

@picklemaddierix Ryan Armand's comic "A Monster Story" did this, and a lot else that was great. Sadly it seems to have vanished from the Internet.

Frankinstein's Monster, the criminal mastermind? After all, he is supposed to be made of people who were on death row.

@picklemaddierix Probably try to get a position in academia with the eventual goal of tenure.


That's when we turn to this version of Frankenstein which is exactly as valid as the original public domain version:

@picklemaddierix AFAIK Frankenstein is not actually a doctor since he dropped out? also there's that comic where they are in court and the monster says he prefers to be called "Adam or The Modern Prometheus" (and the judge calls Frankenstein "Mr", not "Dr")

sooo, there'd probably be no confusion

(idk where the comic is tho and i'm too lazy to find it rn)

@grainloom @picklemaddierix

it is 100% canon to refer to Frankenstein's Monster as

A Frankenstein

@ben @grainloom @picklemaddierix Oh shit, I completely forgot that Victor Frankenstein dropped out of college because he got sucked into the early 19th Century equivalent of a Joe Rogan's Bullshit Youtube Hole (aka, alchemy).

@picklemaddierix uh he would obviously realize his imperialist and colonized existence and change his last name....

@picklemaddierix and plot twist... The monster finds out they were given a female brain and comes out as trans non-binary

@picklemaddierix Adam would hopefully by then have found a family that was not abusive nor insane and adopt their last name as his own instead of the name of his abuser?

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