Is it bad that I enjoy writing and talking about my job much more than actually doing my job?

Today I am frustrated by RPGs that allow for a wide range of styles, such as sneaking, lockpicking or talking your way out of challenges, but then the last act is pure combat. And your character sucks at it. So finishing the game becomes an exercise in hitting your head against the wall, quick-saving at every turn and hoping for the best.


sizecoding demoparty this weekend, you may find it enjoyable and fascinating. The organizers and participants hope you do.

Normally I strongly prefer my plain, without any flavourings. But this organic black tea is really enhanced with about a teaspoon of .

it’s funny how in body swap stories when a girl inhabits a boys body other girls are always suddenly more attracted to them, like do the writers not realise what they’re saying

In Terminator 2, we saw the robot sent from the future who says "Come with me if you want to live". 

What I want to see is the robot sent from the future who tells me "Live with me if you want to cum".

Finally made the switch from my old broken instance I am now @Noni. Not going to repost all my photos, starting from scratch.

Oh and when I say "my instance", I mean one I picked from a recommended instances list when joining the service. Not an instance I host myself.

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My @pixelfed instance has been broken for about a day again.

It's really frustrating to realise you made the wrong choice of instance in a service. But I'm not invested enough yet to get off my butt to move instances... And there probably aren't many guarantees another instance would be any better.

After all, these systems are things people host as a hobby. Who sets up automated testing, monitoring and alerts on hobby systems? I know I don't! Then again I don't open my hobby systems up for the whole world to join...

Today, 1 February 2021, is the 50th anniversary of the legalisation of in .

Our office is across the street from the Veterinary Hospital. One time I was looking through their website and noticed they openly list the prices of most common operations and treatments they provide. I thought that was pretty helpful and wished that human hospitals had similar transparency and straight-forward customer service.

Then I noticed at the bottom of the page the last treatment listed was which quickly reminded me is indeed quite different.

YLEllä juttua pikaviestimistä.Yllättäen Matrixia ei edes mainita.

I had a where everyone at work was mad at me, because I had accidentally written a cronjob which caused a storm drain to be slowly filled with bread over a few months.

Modern Star Trek griping 

I'm sorry to harp on about this, but why does modern Trek have no interest in having the insides of their ships make sense and/or match the outsides? It's been like this since the 2009 movie.

"It's just a TV show so who cares?"

I mean, Star Trek used to care... And despite people who say things like that, consistency in a story is _always_ a good thing. Being able to tell where your characters are in relation to everything is a good thing. The moment I'm like, "Wait, are they not on Discovery anymore?" you've failed your job as interior ship designer.


Today is a sunny, crispy January day and I feel energetic. Just loaded a roll of XP2+ in my XA and looking at Google Maps to decide on where to go photographing in .

I saw a couple of swans yesterday in Helsinki, Finland. Apparently it isn't incredibly unusual for them to stay the winter as long as the water isn't frozen over. But I really feel like the Baltic sea should be frozen this time of year...

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