I feel like I'm at a stage of my life where I want to look like both Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsey Lohan in "Freaky Friday".


"Ihmisyys on ahdistuneen kognition rimpuilua biologisissa kahleissa ja lopulta kuolet."

Lahjoitin rahaa tällaiselle projektille, joka aikoo perustaa queer-naisille suunnatun baari-kahvilan Helsinkiin. mesenaatti.me/2187/kvaaristo/

I would like to talk to the casting director responsible for all these .

Too many god damn fonts 

Why are in word processors and always just a flat list that you need to scroll through using a hilariously small drop-down list? Every computer I've used since 1995 has had an absolutely stupid amount of fonts installed and I've never wanted to use more than like four of them.

When is someone going to make the UX of font selection a less tedious, bare-bones affair, like maybe first picking between serif and sans-serif, then narrowing down with another feature, or something like that? Can I get an OS-wide exclude list of "I will never use these fonts, never show them to me"?

If your covers your content with an intrusive popup asking me to subscribe to your newsletter, I will immediately close the tab and never visit your site again if I can help it.

Is it bad that I enjoy writing and talking about my job much more than actually doing my job?

Today I am frustrated by RPGs that allow for a wide range of styles, such as sneaking, lockpicking or talking your way out of challenges, but then the last act is pure combat. And your character sucks at it. So finishing the game becomes an exercise in hitting your head against the wall, quick-saving at every turn and hoping for the best.



sizecoding demoparty this weekend, you may find it enjoyable and fascinating. The organizers and participants hope you do.

Normally I strongly prefer my plain, without any flavourings. But this organic black tea is really enhanced with about a teaspoon of .

it’s funny how in body swap stories when a girl inhabits a boys body other girls are always suddenly more attracted to them, like do the writers not realise what they’re saying

In Terminator 2, we saw the robot sent from the future who says "Come with me if you want to live". 

What I want to see is the robot sent from the future who tells me "Live with me if you want to cum".

Finally made the switch from my old broken instance pixfed.com. I am now @Noni@pixelfed.social. Not going to repost all my photos, starting from scratch.

Oh and when I say "my instance", I mean one I picked from a recommended instances list when joining the service. Not an instance I host myself.

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