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I think my header image is also quite fitting for the name of this instance, if I do say so myself.

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Introduction + selfies 

_ Call trans opt: received. >

Gude & Namaste, I am Milan / मिलन.
27, German/Nepali, wearer of spectacles, and trans*. You may call me Mi or Mimi.

I’m a web & graphic designer and frontend-dev – literally cancelled by capitalism and patriarchy in 2021. Still recovering.

Basically, I’m just kind of a nerd. Most of the time to be found in front of a screen. When I’m not, then maybe I haven’t forgotten to practice , or I’m lying in bed. Or travelling in the TARDIS.

I love & , computer , and ! SPAAAAAACE!

Today's gender is creative and the smell of a library.

trans people will literally cuddle and fall asleep to a physics lecture 🥺

it simultaneously feels like it should be 3pm and midnight rn

trans girls who won't code. trans girls who have to be convinced to code again for one last score, then it's over for good

inventing a 10-colour typewriter and writing code on it

reminder that in javascript [1, 2, 3] + [4, 5, 6] === "1,2,34,5,6"

this is part of why I disagree with people who say "javascript is fine, if you dislike javascript you're just bad at programming"

javascript loves to find constructs whose meaning is so clear you shouldn't even need to think about what they're doing and booby-trap them so that they completely blow up in your face when you do them

i want to KISS girls on the lips and BURN down cop cars as we RUN away hand in hand
having an arch nemesis definitely upgraded my gender

The aftermath of the DART impact on didymos seen from the cubesat who was flying along the probe and tasked to film the event

good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen and variations thereupon

i kind of like the concept of Caring for a Computer. any machine deserves this. and it disappears so fast! the more you try to abstract the machine away you're just an architect who refuses to look at the actual building

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