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I'm good at math but the moment you add numbers to the mix it gets a bit hazy

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I'm willing to trade my left kidney for a half hour of Focusβ„’. serious inquiries only

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you know what there's not enough of on this platform? limericks

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today was one of those days where I faded to 10% opacity and ghosted everything

Protip: if ur cute and you know it clap ur hands

i still have sleepy bitch disease, beginning to think its incurable

studying? did you mean absently copying down notes from a textbook in the weak hope that my subconscious picks up the information, while my conscious mind is actually focused on netflix? no?

to be fair, my nose is dry so I put some oil on it which would make it quite shiny

my sister just said my nose is "shinier than america's future" which is not as insulting as you'd initially think so now I'm sad on two levels

(R, G, B): (0.187, 0.324, 0.993)
Polish type: cream
Percent full: 34.7

hmm autism out in full force today but it's the "walks around aimlessly while gnawing on a thumb" kind as opposed to what I'd prefer right now, which is the "critical thinking number cruncher who finishes homework on time"

Don't forget that everybody is different! These toots are just suggestions - take the ones you think might help and leave the rest. Be kind to yourself.

[wears warm, heavy clothes]

[rolls up the sleeves so i don't overheat]

sometimes you just gotta be a gay forest cryptid and thats valid!

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