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I'm good at math but the moment you add numbers to the mix it gets a bit hazy

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I'm willing to trade my left kidney for a half hour of Focus™. serious inquiries only

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you know what there's not enough of on this platform? limericks

ik I've said this before but it's so cathartic selectively deleting old posts. I'm rly just cleaning up my media tab but gosh it feels like new life is being breathed into me in a completely non weird manner

i wish people would stop using lynnesbian-ebooks instead of mstdn-ebooks

it's a botched version of an outdated build of mstdn-ebooks that is hardcoded to tag me in all error messages and say "mistress lynnesbian, something has gone wrong"

Another genderless insult you can use in a rap battle 

who the fuck decided that netflix should play trailers as i scroll down the page

*slaps roof of a demonstration* this bad boy can fit so many people protestings in it

Dost thou subtoot at me, sir?
Nay, sir! I subtoot, tis true, but not at you.

just an enby with a heart of gold and the eyebags of a sickly victorian child

the jump isn't too jarring for me, which was smth I was rly worried about so that's good.

switching to the tusky app bc fedilab is now behind a paywall on the app store :/ don't know when that happened bc I hadn't been keeping up with updates. suppose that's why I stopped being able to upload pics ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

mean, scary, fictional magic trick 

Not kissing me goodnight is a sign of weakness bro

genetics, idk internalised ableism 

genetics, idk internalised ableism 

💗 introduction 💗 



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