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hmmmm I feel like complaining but I'm not personally offended by anything in my life right now,,, I shall correct this

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identity crisis over my bio 

the only thing I do consistently online is complain tbh but idk if "I have a new midlife crisis every week" is exactly how I'd like to introduce myself

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I'm good at math but the moment you add numbers to the mix it gets a bit hazy

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I'm willing to trade my left kidney for a half hour of Focusβ„’. serious inquiries only

@FirstProgenitor wwell don't look up "misty twink" unless you want some very specific photos

HRT stuff, trans medical stuff 

Another thing that wouldn't fit and it's a huge one:

Medical advice can be difficult to give and there is much that is still unstudied about trans care, especially non-binary transitions.

The way trans people are treated wrt dosing, timing, etc. can differ wildly and between providers also.

Because of this, communities are often filled with arguments about how to best DIY or even the best official regimens. There is often more anecdote than fact in these communities, and often people screw it up. An example from my own life is someone I knew who DIY'd (AMAB to female) swore up and down my estrogen dose was too high. Then she got tested, and it turns out she was at cis male levels of hormones. That is not what she was going for. Oops.

I therefore never offer medical advice, just simple facts, and what I do. I also note the amount of misinfo in DIY communities and encourage others to do their own research if they want/need to go that route.

I also always note non-med is a valid option.

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Being 30 and trans my whole adult life I find myself being the trans elder in a lot of places.

My experience has shown:

* Critters gotta find their own path in life, and that goes for being trans

* Statements like "you're trans" or "you're an egg" doesn't help someone transition faster, or at all

* It is in direct and total opposition to bodily autonomy to push or pressure someone to be trans; some critters are guilty of this

* There's nothing wrong with offering information

* Often linking to some resources can do a lot more good than just explaining it

* Some critters don't want the problems that come with being trans, and that's valid

* Pretending it's going to be automatically great for someone when they come out as trans sets them up for failure; critters need to know how trans hostile the world is

* Not every trans critter on this planet is good; in fact, some are ready fucked up; pretending every trans person is good can sometimes set someone up to be overly trusting

* A little reassurance goes a long way

I needed a belt so I made one with an old T-shirt!

I really like making T-shirt yarn and I'm not great at crocheting much more than a straight line so this is a great project for me lol

consider not actually aggressively bussing everyone who isn't vaccinated as trash beings who should die considering there are a TON of medical limiters and accessibility issues to getting vaccinated

get vaccinated if you *can* but for some people it is NOT an option


2494. Flawed Data 

title text: We trained it to produce data that looked convincing, and we have to admit the results look convincing!


it is truly shocking how the CDC has frittered away 100% of its credibility.

it would suck to live in a society where you are ostensibly free to choose your employer but also ties employment to food, housing and medicine and uses this as a threat to decrease the cost of labor. i would hate that

dr doofenshmirtz from phineas and ferb has queer villain pride

also I guess I'd like my phone to not drop calls but yanno that's negotiable

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the only appealing factor of city living is the higher chance(!) of reliable public transportation and internet connection. I would be content to spend the rest of my life in a shack in the woods if a bus could swing by on the daily and it didn't take all week to torrent a videogame.

practically everyone knows at this point that you don't need a CS degree to be a working programmer any more than you need an architecture degree to be a working carpenter. so why is it still used for gatekeeping (of both jobs and internships)? to immediately exclude a huge number of workers from candidate pools, which makes the bargaining power of the remaining candidates lower, to preserve and justify the two-tier employee/contractor structure where employees are treated well and contractors terribly that has become ubiquitous within the industry, and to preserve the status quo where those salaried positions are primarily filled by the most privileged classes of people.

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eating disorder, food (+) 

I ate a whole meal!! in one sitting!! a proper meal with vegetables and protein and starch!! yeah!!!

mh musing, family 

I like how my thoughts are waffling back and forth between "what's wrong w my dad" and "what's wrong with me" bc I cannot conceptualise him as anything other than a prototype for my existence but God Forbid I have any similarities to my mother who is also very much like me

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mh musing, family 

granted I'm his spawn he has a deeply complicated relationship with so maybe he's not Trying, like how I don't mask around family. but idc it still feels weird bc he and I are a lot alike and when he was dx'd with bipolar disorder and adhd I could v clearly make out the symptoms and it made a lot of his decisions more understandable. but I don't think I have enough of a foundation to rly Get anything abt npd. that knowledge didn't add ANYTHING to my interpretation of him.

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mh musing, family 

am I a narcissist or just arrogant. like,, I thought I understood clinically what narcissism was but then my dad got diagnosed and I'm still like ???? bc yeah he's full of himself but not in a way that exudes any sort of charisma or self confidence. he's just some guy.

body image 

rly enjoying the mental disconnect in my understanding of reality that allows me to identify as hot and sexy without actually perceiving myself as either and also I will attack like a rabid dog if anyone disagrees OR confirms that I am sexually attractive. yes I'm sexy no I'm not but yes I am this is non negotiable do not perceive me πŸ’œ

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