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identity crisis over my bio 

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I'm good at math but the moment you add numbers to the mix it gets a bit hazy

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I'm willing to trade my left kidney for a half hour of Focus™. serious inquiries only

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you know what there's not enough of on this platform? limericks

social distancing stuff 

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socially anarchist fiscally communist existentially fucked up

@IceWolf So when we were kids, and my mother pregnant for the last time, she asked us all what we hoped it'd be. I said a sister, my younger brother said a brother, and my youngest brother said a giraffe. He said the question was what he hoped for, not what he expected.

I tidied in the garden today and these small green friends are already sprouting 💚🌱

selfie, eye-contact 

people used to tell me to "go outside" when I made my bad post's... well who's Going Out Side now huh, smart guy?

but seriously fuck academic journals. they charge you to read the article *and* the researchers to have it fucking published in the first place. even w/o scihub you can literally just email the authors and ask them for a copy, and mostly they'll give you one. it's an utter scam

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~a haiku~
oh hey, hello, friend
hope your day is going well
and hope it improves

Creating a sourdough starter by dumping a bag of sour patch kids into my flour slurry.

The toddler has started using the words 'maybe' and 'probably'. Time to inoculate her against frequentist interpretation.

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