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identity crisis over my bio 

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I'm good at math but the moment you add numbers to the mix it gets a bit hazy

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I'm willing to trade my left kidney for a half hour of Focusโ„ข. serious inquiries only

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you know what there's not enough of on this platform? limericks

psa: pathologizing non-speaking? please. 

honestly I need to step up my game but every look is so iconic aND I CAN'T PICK THEM ALL

every person w a full moustache and 6-inch heels is so valid, especially that one on a skateboard

some kid w shaved sides took their hair out of a ponytail and I watched them turn femme before my eyes what the heck

ik there's no "right way" to be genderqueer but I just watched some nb tiktok compilations and holy cow some folks out there are doing it So Right

How do I keep myself from compulsively turning to social media, looking for answers?

my pronouns are he/him, but i canโ€™t afford proper nouns so my name is also he/him

please help if you can spare monies 

call me bougie but I cannot play in 2 frames per minute

guess who still hasn't fixed the dual boot lol... I almost forgot I needed it bc the vm runs well enough for school

aaaaaa I wanna plays sims but that requires me to run windows ๐Ÿ˜ข

we need a PVP team-based game that's extremely extremely accessible. Like, NONE of that "we need to keep it fair, so we're not adding accessibility features" bullshit

I'm talking aim assist, descriptive subtitles, visual directional indicators for sound cues, built in text to speech and speech recognition for the chat & voice commands, the fucking works. If it's not accessible, it's not good, and it's time we apply that to fuckin PVP games too

I don't hate my voice,, I'd just like The Option to have it a bit deeper. I like having options.

speaking of thin walls, there is comically loud snoring in the room next to mine. ๐Ÿ™ƒ

sometimes I think abt doing voice training but that would require me to make sounds with my voice and these walls are thin

Move These Gays! Fund (Update 2) 

homelessness; transmisia 

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