things I learned in sex ed when I was a kid:
❌ consent is important
❌ consent is never implied
❌ anything about consent
❌ anything about women's sexual health (it was sex segregated)
❌ you might be gay
❌ you might be trans
❌ it is normal or ok to have sex for reasons besides making a baby
✅ STDs will RUIN your life!!
✅ here's how you put a condom on a banana

@wintgenstein I did that class once in 6th grade and again in 9th grade... even put together they were awful! and only the 6th graders got the banana demo :/

@jennie I went to a Catholic school, so I didn't even get the last one

Things we learnt in sex ed as a kid:
❌ any birth control that isnt condoms
❌ resources for if pregnancy happens
❌ you might not want to have sex
✅ one (1) whole sex Always makes a baby.
✅ tampons will kill you
✅ If you dont put a condom on your partner for them it's your fault if they dont use one.

@thepapercraft cool! glad the kids in the other classroom were getting the information they needed to make good life decisions 🙄

@jennie Whyever wouldn't we? Only the best of sex ed for the school system./s

We were in a sex segregated school and it was awful, we learnt nothing useful the whole time.

@taweret @thepapercraft the entire system is so perplexing to me, I can't believe how badly done this is!

@thepapercraft @jennie Things I learned in sex ed as a kid:
✔ STDs will ruin your life
✔ Only abstinence works - never have sex

@jennie damn, you learned how to a put a condom on a banana?


❌ what masturbation is
✔ Masturbation is bad, don't do it.
✔ stds look like mold, fear sex
❌ how to prevent stds
✔ we're sluts for having sex
✔ the pill is forbidden for preventing babies, but it's ok for regulating your period

@jennie ...huh. Wow.

(I never really had a formal sex ed class, being homeschooled, but I soaked up consent through general parenting. Didn't learn about condoms or the possibility of being gay or trans, it just never came up, and "sex is evil!!" was never a thing.)

@jennie Heh, grew up in #Oregon in the 90s, so more like:

❌ Accurate information
✅ Abstinence is the only way
✅ STDs are your punishment for having more than one partner your entire life

@jennie we learnt 1-4 and 7 in the UK so i guess thats an improvement

@jennie Are you U.S. American by the way?

Because I had in mind to boost-CW this with "[Country] sex education" but I don't know from what country you are.

@jennie I say that mostly because the sex education I had here in #Argentina was far better bar the gay and trans thing (I think they just didn't mention it and also because I had sex ed in sixth grade [2011] which was probably still when gay marriage was being decided on the U.S.)

@jennie So my experience goes like this:

✔ Genitals
✔ Condoms
✔ Other birth controls aside from condom
✔ People masturbate for pleasure (or curiosity)
✔ What is sex
✔ How to protect yourself from STDs
✔ Do not discriminate people with AIDS
✔ Consent is important as well as a healthy relationship
✔ How to portect yourself from rapists
❌ Gay
❌ Trans

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