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when simone de beauvoir said "one is not born, but rather becomes, a woman" I still, to this day, really felt that

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there is no right or wrong way to be a woman 🌸🐝

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It is not a "small" number of people who think this. At this point over the last few weeks (holy fucking shit) I have seen people in the wrestling community, World of Warcraft, Twitch, Smash all express willful ignorance to understand this! WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH ALL OF YOU!

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CSA, caps 


two people with a magical bond and one of them loses all of his shit everywhere he goes and the other guy can tell on-sight when a lost object belongs to the first guy, so he always picks it up when he sees it and gives him all his lost shit back when they run into each other

those pre quarantine toots are really bringing a lot back, for me

have you ever been a douchey little nerd

YES i run a sports discord
YES the only active channel is for posting Lucy Dacus lyrics


"you know that carl sagan quote about how something terrible happens between kindergarten and 12th grade that makes children less curious and open minded, because schools don't nurture creativity they kind of kill it. idk google it. yeah that's the one!"

— me, jennie.

@Laser and history is written by those who retro-boost

GitHub? oh, you mean the Slytherin common room?

i used to love writing so much. i was constantly inspired to tell stories & wrote almost every day just for fun... i really wish i knew how to rekindle that energy, cuz it's been dead since my last year of college :(

sorry I only know how to say really basic things in French, like "bonjour", "baguette", and "La France est un pays raciste et islamophobe qui doit être détruit"

what is a cat but a tiny lesbian goblin with fur and a fondness for murder

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i didnt post any of these that i took the other day cause i was in Hate Self Mode but i am tipsy now and looking back on them like :blobcatblep:

The CDC advises that the best way to avoid COVID-19/SARS-2 is to simply shut the fuck up and fuck the hell off

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Whether I have shaved or not, I love this shirt.


there's a shitty little diner in albuquerque that makes the best cinnamon roll i ever had, and whenever i'm in the city i try to get a pack of em frozen so i can have one at home every once in a while :)

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tonight's a cinnamon roll kinda night

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