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📌 personal read-me 

This is a re-draft of an older post for folks who don't already know me too well. There are just a few important personal boundaries that I'd like to ask people to keep in mind when dealing with me.

1. I'm a trans woman.
It's not okay to refer to me using masculine or male-coded language.

2. I'm asexual & sex repulsed.
I am not attracted to you. Don't flirt with me. Don't make me see stuff that's bodily gross or overtly sexual. Basically, if you wouldn't show it to your little sister I don't want to see it!

3. I have have c-PTSD.
Major triggers for me are: drugs, alcohol, death, suicide, self harm, dysphoria, parental abuse, poverty & homelessness. Not exactly small things. All I'm really asking for is common sense use of content warnings.

I have good days and bad days. If it seems like I'm okay with stuff one day and freaking out the next - I'm sorry! It's weird for me too! Please try to be gentle with me, okay?

That's all, thank you so much for reading 💖

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when simone de beauvoir said "one is not born, but rather becomes, a woman" I still, to this day, really felt that

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there is no right or wrong way to be a woman 🌸🐝

smh at all the people telling me I'm "valid" "cute" and "worthy of love" when they could be telling me I'm "18ft tall" "terrible beyond human comprehension" and "entirely covered with bees" 🙄

here's my little snow creature ❄ he didn't turn out as planned like at all lol but still cute 💙

selfies no ec 

ok they've been given the lizer seal of approval ✅ it's time to crowdsource some selfed esteems

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"do you think they knew?" is a just an extra layer of anxiety on top of "they definitely know, how are they going to react?"

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"passing" in any context ever even once, is weird

crackin open a cold one (ginger ale) with the boys (my cat)

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I foolishly believed the positive Amazon review for this hair removal product but it doesn’t work at all. The user who wrote that review is clearly an unreliable Nair rater

@Laser @jennie not having a spine gets such a bad rap look at those bbs

spending about an hour searching any animal that pops into my head on tumblr and reposting the highlights on mastodon. this is a good saturday.

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@jennie hell yeah love how giraffids can lick their own eyeballs

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