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Hey if you're reading this, just in general, please always put a cw in front of genital references or jokes about bodily fluids. You demented weirdos.

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there is no right or wrong way to be a woman 🍡

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if I unfollowed you at some point and you thought it was weird because we'd always been chill before, I can explain:

I Have No Idea What I'm Doing

friends?? smh what a fucked up lock in strategy for this platform...

Here's my review of the hottest new work of gender theory all the critics are raving about, Females, by Andrea Long Chu.

There are only three different type of conflict in literature

Man vs man
Man vs nature
and Honey, I Shrunk the Kids

watching my friends change and expand because of new healthy queer relationships is powerful and beautiful


me: *sitting peacefully, trying to read a book*

my brain: hey remember that song β€œLove Shack” that was really big in the nineties? Let’s think about that for a few hours :)

hey gang, my bank FINALLY authorised an overdraft for me which is great! but i’ve been in the negatives for over a week and i need a lil help with the fees. if anyone’s able to send anything i’d appreciate it so much, i need as much of my next pay as i can possibly get so i can be stable for the last stretch of 2019!!

Oh my god is that what people from Alabama sound like. Is that their accent

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