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Libcom: **HeathrowWorkersPower - Thoughts and news on direct action**

"At Heathrow, once we’ve decided what we want, what actions shall we take to get it? And what can our method of action tell us about what we want? Some recent events might give us some hints. Direct action could be defined as the use of one’s own power to achieve a political/…"


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white supremacy, radfems, rant 

I am still trying to figure out why people don't recognize the white supremacist side of radfem when it's a predominantly white subset of feminism. There's deliberate removal of BIPOC history and culture. Yet, they always lay the burden of proof on those that oppose it over those who are preaching it. It's extremely frustrating. How can one counter this?

I know there's no way to force them to learn, that they must be open and willing to do so, but how do we make that possible? This shit will continue to perpetuate unless we find an avenue to cut it off and call it like it is.

I should just randomly upload backgrounds I make for the hell of it.

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I couldn't think of anything to slap on this, so here it is anyway. 😂

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Brokebook has been making life difficult by making the most accessible way for me the most impossible thing to use. Desktop FB keeps acting like it's the end of the world and cutting to "Something's wrong!!"

The only thing wrong, darling, is that I am still using you. 😬

Trying to start with one meme a weekend that is Mastodon only content! This feels like a good start. 🥰

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Fundraising for a comrade, pls boost 

Autumn spent time in the same unit as a very dear friend of mine and I can personally vouch for her and her awesomeness. She is the realest of deals and she needs some money for surgeries. There are 10 days left in the fundraiser and if you are able to help a good comrade out, please send some money her way.

- -

We are raising $10,000 for multiple surgeries for our lovely friend Autumn who received injuries while volunteering and doing solidarity work in Syria to help local grassroots democracies and cooperatives to survive. Autumn is transgender and plans to share her experiences volunteering in Syria as a trans person. 

Any funds we receive over $10,000 will go to unanticipated treatment costs and to other volunteers who are trans who are in need of monetary support.


I am tired and woke up to one of my friends trying to appeal to the right from a "center position". There is no more center. They have been obliterated for the sake of both sides. Being center means you're still on the fence about recognizing bigotry where it stands for the sake of yourself.
I am so far removed from that idea of oneself now that I don't get it anymore and it's a good/bad thing.

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