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In terms of ethics "grey area" is just a way of saying "I lack sufficiently detailed knowledge to figure this out properly"

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I despise parents who see atrocities and whine "why didn't / aren't people doing anything about it!!!?" while they beat or yell at their children every time they assert themselves or "cause a fuss" or "show disrespect"

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I think it's horrifying that our society crushes so many children to the point where they stop dreaming of space and end up only dreaming of slightly higher social status

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hot take / vague enby hinting 

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Seeking out and analyzing edge cases is the fastest way to learn about or improve something, whether it's politics, software, or almost anything else. I think so many things would be better if there was a cultural expectation to do so

No me acuerdo cuando es Halloween, pero lo que si me acuerdo es de ver H(A)ckerÑol :D

Hackerñol - 00001001 - halloween en una shell

- - -

Si quereis apoyar a Hispagatos usando #lbry, podeis usar esta invitación para que ambas partes podamos ganar dinero:$/invite/@Hackernol:7. Teneis que verificar el email y luego, para recibir el dinero debereis darle vuestro número de teléfono para que verifique que sois vosotros.

covid pol 

"essential workers" apparently includes construction crews on the American border wall and the CGL pipeline across unceded Wet'suwet'en land. remember the real priorities of the systems we want to save us: profit, white supremacy, genocide.

it’s weird how “don’t want atrocities to happen” is considered an extremist political position


this pandemic I want prison abolition.

probs just gonna get more police state.

Enough with the binary, presenting non-binary computers

Dear friends, you can communicate more securely with me on #TwisterP2P.

My nickname there is @stman

I publish my most interesting crypto-anarchist related posts there, as I am sure it cannot be censored.

Cyber-Chaos is on the rise exponentionaly everywhere with the Coronavirus crisis due to remote work.

I just found out that there's an online, open access journal called Disability and the Global South

And it has some very good articles!

Queer people don't grow up as ourselves. We grow up playing a version of ourselves that sacrifices authenticity to minimise humiliation and prejudice.
The massive task of our adult lives is to unpick which parts of ourselves are truly us and which parts we've created to protect us.

this video has me EMOTIONAL... this mama ferret is like "you need to come see my babies!!! aren't they neat!!! they are blind and easily frightened but they need to know what you smell like!!! hey where are you going we aren't done here!!!"

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