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I'm definitely going to automatically blocking anyone who collaborates with

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Seeking out and analyzing edge cases is the fastest way to learn about or improve something, whether it's politics, software, or almost anything else. I think so many things would be better if there was a cultural expectation to do so

@piponfishing I just saw evidence of a second household (with young children) in my upscale #Seattle neighborhood about to rip out their organic grass and install #Astroturf. These people honest-to-the-fucking-gods think they are being eco-conscious by ripping out living environment and installing a dead petrochemical landscape.

interviews anti-vax mom

"I just want my baby to be safe from dangerous chemicals"

Camera pans to a toddler playing on the lawn. Underneath a text slowly appears "3 days since the last lawn care ritual"

Chemicals and the Microbiome of Suburbia Show more

The suburbanite both worships and detests youth in an almost religious reverence of the appearance of adolescence in it's elders, yet they hold a high level of contempt for the pubescent members of the community.

Often called "mall rats" the presence of adolescents is seen as an infestation to clear. Tactics like high pitched noise machines, expensive loitering tickets, and are even being physically removed with violence when they engage in what is known as "hanging out". This is a way of casually occupying space, without engaging in any specific activity.

Meanwhile medical clinics and shops promising youthful elixirs, injections and even surgical procedures are dotted across the landscape. Suburbia is a land of conformity and contradictions.

oops i orphaned this one, sorry

The ever mysterious poisonous and toxic ritual of the suburbanite is one of the most sadomasochistic we've seen.

The "owners" underpay workers to pray toxic chemicals on and around the soil of their homes, in hopes of growing flat low patches of a specific genus of grass. Native species are strictly forbidden. This ritual of poisoning and seeding is called "lawn care".

Suburbanites then encourage young children to play on this poisoned grass and only this grass whenever possible.

"the suburbanites culture is reflected in it's architectural tastes, flat, gray, and hyper-conformist"

"this is a sac-de-cul you say? " that would only work in an anglo place. but it would still be fun.

Ominous shots of exhaust pouring out of dusty cars filled with takeout cups.

Racism; N-word (censored, in video); Uspol Show more

Racism; N-word (censored, in video); Uspol Show more

Youtube channel idea, going to the suburbs and treating it like one of those shitty docs that goes to rural African and treats people like spectacles. Except its the North American suburbs, so they love it.

every black, native american and native australian person deserves full reparations for the land and free labour stolen from their ancestors.

oh shit somebody hacked the matrix channel for the #eunomia project and leaked their conversations

reminder that I will publish very soon a FAQ about #EUnomia, if non of you project member responds to:

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@mona Absolutely without a doubt. That's what our schools drill into our heads

Activism and progress was absolutely necessary and brave and important up until yesterday, at which point everything became perfect because of all of that activism so now we don't need anymore and the people who still do it are just greedy

@socalledunitedstates I believe that the general (white) American mindset is roughly, "ok all that stuff was a problem once but then America[tm] happened and everything got better for everybody"

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