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In terms of ethics "grey area" is just a way of saying "I lack sufficiently detailed knowledge to figure this out properly"

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I despise parents who see atrocities and whine "why didn't / aren't people doing anything about it!!!?" while they beat or yell at their children every time they assert themselves or "cause a fuss" or "show disrespect"

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I think it's horrifying that our society crushes so many children to the point where they stop dreaming of space and end up only dreaming of slightly higher social status

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Seeking out and analyzing edge cases is the fastest way to learn about or improve something, whether it's politics, software, or almost anything else. I think so many things would be better if there was a cultural expectation to do so

It doesn't mean that your irritation can't be addressed, but framing it differently would probably be more productive.

Also making something more accessible (despite how people have responded to some of my design work) is not always a universal plus. Different modes and options are necessary in many cases.

Accessibility issues are related to some kind of fundamental incompatibility to access something a certain way. ie. voice control, screen readers, switch control, colourblind modes, etc.

It is incredibly different to 'I don't like this'.

Reminder (something I've had to be reminded of) is that your irritation at a UI element is not necessarily tantamount to an accessibility issue (it trivialises the topic tbh), nor is it a thing that pisses everyone off

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money is just permission from rich people

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Ableism in academia, food issues 

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Chicago comrades turned out last night at Ohare airport, to make a visible display of the fact that the fate of everyone fighting with the YPG/YPJ in Rojava affects us deeply, politically and ethically.

Turkey’s genocide is a despicable and unforgivable atrocity #riseup4rojava

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ableism, tech, politics kinda, rant 

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Recognizing when you're sitting still for abuse or tamping down legitimate objection is just as important as knowing how to take a joke.

If you center Black Jews and Jews of Color in your thinking about Judaism/Jewishness, you can begin to piece together how anti-Judaism and antisemitism led to the creation of White Supremacy, but more importantly, you can begin to piece together an overarching theory of Diasporic studies that includes Jewish history AND the African Diaspora, you see the falseness of distinctions between peoples, which is to say the falseness of borders, and the richness of points of contact.

Crimethinc: Worldwide, the far right seems to be trying to co-opt “anti-war” rhetoric the same way they appropriated “anti-globalization” slogans, while actually intensifying military aggression and capitalism. This is the same looking-glass-world right-wing “isolationism” that we saw when Hitler was annexing territory in Europe. We seem to have progressed very rapidly from repeating the early 1930s to re-enacting the later 1930s.

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