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In terms of ethics "grey area" is just a way of saying "I lack sufficiently detailed knowledge to figure this out properly"

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I despise parents who see atrocities and whine "why didn't / aren't people doing anything about it!!!?" while they beat or yell at their children every time they assert themselves or "cause a fuss" or "show disrespect"

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I think it's horrifying that our society crushes so many children to the point where they stop dreaming of space and end up only dreaming of slightly higher social status

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hot take / vague enby hinting 

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Seeking out and analyzing edge cases is the fastest way to learn about or improve something, whether it's politics, software, or almost anything else. I think so many things would be better if there was a cultural expectation to do so

Rant about leftist community 

Rant about leftist community 

Rant about leftist community 

i miss when the internet had like a billion sites that everyone spread themselves out on, now the internet is only like 6 websites full of screenshots of the other 5

ive finally figured out a surefire way to convince centrists that anarchy is the solution 

new athiests 

new athiests 

On violence and fighting back, bullying 

prisons, politics 

@Zero_Democracy yeah for some reason "what if the NSA were actually Nazis? what if fascism is endemic to the US government, to the point that it can't be redeemed, only overthrown?" was not a popular theme with the company that made The Song of the South

if your admin isn't blocking kiwifarms instances make sure they get on that asap and if they don't, find a better instance

the price of food has gone up, the bills are coming in, and i'm broke again.

i live on fixed disability income, and it's about half of what it costs to live through a month in 2019 in Ontario.

please help if you can, and always boost!

any more tankies among my followers?

my ban hammer is getting itchy.

Y'all, holding self described allies/comrades accountable is not "the left eating its own." Its house cleaning so we don't end up like religious sycophants willing to elect a pedophile for 'the cause.' Shut up.

:blobcattilt: "fast food is bad because it's unhealthy and leads to health problems"

:blobcatfingerguns: Fast food would be healthier if preparing them didn't come with price-imposed cost constraints, e.g. having to use less healthy ingredients just because the healthier ones are too expensive

Screenshot Dunking 

Stop policing POC on how to react to things.

Stop policing POC on how to defend themselves.

Stop policing POC.


"racism is bad, but you know what's really bad is when you call out racism" - people on here, suddenly

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