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In terms of ethics "grey area" is just a way of saying "I lack sufficiently detailed knowledge to figure this out properly"

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I despise parents who see atrocities and whine "why didn't / aren't people doing anything about it!!!?" while they beat or yell at their children every time they assert themselves or "cause a fuss" or "show disrespect"

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I think it's horrifying that our society crushes so many children to the point where they stop dreaming of space and end up only dreaming of slightly higher social status

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hot take / vague enby hinting 

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Seeking out and analyzing edge cases is the fastest way to learn about or improve something, whether it's politics, software, or almost anything else. I think so many things would be better if there was a cultural expectation to do so

given how many laws say "he/she" in their distinct legal language, how many crimes can nonbinary people do completely legally

i can’t believe at the beginning of the year i was like “i wanna make an enamel pin this year” and then i made THREE!!

of course i couldn’t have done this without y’all and i am so grateful. i’ve learned a lot and i’m so excited to make more pins in 2020 🖤

One fairly reliable way to tell if someone is trustworthy, or at least capable of growth, is to see whether they get fragile when someone points out the bullshit from their dominant identity, e.g. cis men, white/abled/straight people etc. If they take criticism of their own privilege in stride, or at least try to hear it even if it upsets them, there's hope. If they try to shut it down and frame themselves as victims, that's a huge red flag.

@forAll52 it's basically people saying they went through hardships/trauma and think that means everyone should go through hardships. lotta folks act like the world is supposed to not be fair bc it wasnt fair to them basically if that makes sense

two types of people after dealing with hardships:

"i never want anyone to go through what i've gone through"

"i went through it, why shouldn't they?"

nobody would be fucked if those with privilege used it to do something besides putting down revolution while saying they're all for it.

fediverse meta 

And just like that, Mastodon is taken seriously and gets a decent writeup that that doesn't treat it like a side show, or say that it's "crumbling."

It's ok to be angry about how you've been treated for being queer.

It is the motivation that writes speeches and paints posters. It's the strength that holds back the police and fundamentalists so the protest can go on.

Anger is not a flaw.

#queerpride #queer #protest

fedi software psa 

Sincere Q: what are some constructive directions one can start looking to support dual power etc. if one suffers from a lack of time/spoons, but has some money going spare?

Secondary Q: the above, but if that person were able to free up an extra day per week and thus have more time/spoons?

Bonus points for answers that are things one can do off/on when time/energy is available, rather than having to commit to on a scheduled basis.

@vecna Shades of Brown: Tech isn't all they talk about but they usually hit at least one tech topic every show:

Hosted by the Fediverse's own @staticsafe and @chosafine

Are there any good serialized audio feeds/podcasts about free software or related topics that highlight the voices and perspectives of women, people of color, queer, disabled, and/or neurodivergent people etc.?

I'm tired of my options being Linux for Men who make "triggered" jokes, and women who talk about the proprietary/business world.

Dear cis grammar wonks 

@jasper I know that his intentions aren't good: generally when something like this happens in business the goal is to destroy or infiltrate. Someone linked an article where Jack is described as having an 'idealistic vision for the future'; it's easy to bow to the powerful and agree with their claims.
My thoughts are Twitter could use their connections to eventually flag mastodon instances as malicious or suppress them from search results, as well as claiming ownership over the concept itself.

I feel like this is either:

1. Jealousy-induced hobby project
2. An attempt to copyright the concept, in order to shut Mastodon down as infringing

I can't see this going anywhere other than in one of those two directions.

'an existing decentralized standard they can help move forward' or 'create one from scratch'

• Make an offer to Eugen to sell out to them (or)
• Make their own clone and then go for the copyright infringement angle

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