Every time Entrapta's on screen I'm just here like, "Hello, I arrive pre-seduced for your convenience. Please escort me to your preferred surface for the nine dimensions of carnal majesty you conceal in your hair ties if this thought pleases you."

I just wrote a whole new climax for my novel and I am happy.

I keep thinking about making a relationship diagram for Cardcaptor Sakura and what even is my life?

The more I learn about koalas, the more I am amazed that the inappropriate European reference for them was "bear" and not "monkey."

Discord has a Light Mode and my life is already better.

Maybe hope is sneaking into my sad little heart more than I usually let it, but my last phone call with my father feels like my understated Father's Day card, signed "from your daughter Alyssa," made more of an impact than I expected it could.

You know what is physically painful in ways that don't get talked about enough?

Switching between reading light text on a dark background and dark text on a light background.

TIL there are no new physical copies of Consentacle and my soul is sad.

Reminder that "if you were confused, you should have said something" is gaslighting and if you subject children to it, I will personally materialize in your home and slap you with an irate haddock.

Can't tell if friends are in a mixed-attractiveness relationship or if I'm just that gay.

Longing for the exuberant energy of a museum gift shop.

I have watched one episode of Card Captor Sakura and...

...How did I miss that this is basically "Pastel Goth Occultists: The Show"?

One of my favorite bits of academic paleontological hypothesizing is that thyreophorans (stegosaurs, ankylosaurs, and their kin, the various armored dinosaurs) all had, just, absolutely massive penises, like turtles, to make sure they could mate around all that pointy armor.

Just, Stegosaurus and his monster dong the size of a golf bag, trying to make baby stegos.

There. That's an idea you have now.

An assassin bug got into my home. It happens. So I caught it, put it in the middle of a carpeted area, and waited to see which cat finished the job.

It was Watson. Agora just wanted to play, but Watson knows that insects are food even while they're still twitching.

Biology is fun.

It feels very strange having furniture that is a practical necessity, yet with which I interact almost entirely via moving it while cleaning and putting it back when I'm done.

TIL that "Panulirus" and "Palinurus" are two separate genera of spiny lobsters and I want to beat whoever's idea that was with a crescent wrench.

< raises volume of beginning of the song so that she can fucking hear it >

< lowers volume of the middle of the song because now it's too loud >

< raises volume of the end of the song so she can fucking hear it >

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