What's your primary OS?

Boosts appreciated for sample size :)

Heyo, people. Sorry, I didn't specify, but if you're unsure what to answer, I'm asking about your primary personal OS.

Heyo, again, people. If you're on Android, iOS, or some other mobile OS, sorry I didn't include an option for those. I was really just thinking about desktop OSes when I made this poll, because that's what I was curious about.

If you like, tho, feel free to tell us all what mobile OS you use in the replies!

@imani Ah, I should have specified. Sorry about that.
I'm asking about personal primary OS.

@delve essentially there is just one program left that I really can't do without and that I have not been able to work under linux, although there were promising developments this week

@eris2cats @delve Oh which one is that? Cause I feel almost similarly about certain software (I switched to Linux anyway but every once in a while I'm tempted to install Windows again just for stuff like After Effects or the Affinity suite)

@hazelnot @delve
Ultraschall, a Reaper (DAW) Mod, that's a quasi-standard for the german speaking podcasting community combining pretty much everything you need with everything you want to have available.

The next version is said to support at least Ubuntu, and an enthusiast got it working on debian, manjaro.. I tried it on a passive cooled ARM recoding machine, but couldn't get it to work just yet.

Although .. maybe a passive cooled Ryzen? ;)

@Aznorth @delve

With the kernel Linux-libre. But that's not important to me which kernel GNU system ships, as I rarely interact with kernels.

@delve you do realize that fedi isn’t representative of the real world and that you’ll get Linux as the most popular answer, right? :comfyxd:

@newt Yeah. That's why I'm asking, actually. I want to see what fedi uses :) is there an option for "windows but i would rather be on linux"

@delve I'm really curious what the people who voted 'other' uses. Haiku?

@opfez @delve Most people who use computers don't own a desktop computer; many people in that category would have a mobile OS as their primary one. None of the most common mobile OSes are even mentioned in the poll.

@noyovo Yeah that might be a possibility. The people who use Mastodon seems to be more technologically proficient though, so I'd assume most if not all do their computing either on a laptop or a desktop.
I think your point makes more sense for "normal" people, is what I'm trying to say.

@opfez lmao @ equating "more technologically proficient" with "computing either on a laptop or a desktop"

@noyovo excuse me? I'd love it if you'd point out a flaw in my reasoning, rather than resorting to this kind of argument.
As an example for my case, this is the only platform I've used where I've met people who do not even own a smartphone. I personally think that says a bit about the kind of users that may use Mastodon.
Please elaborate.

@opfez Owning a personal, non-smartphone computer is a measure of personal wealth, which is closely correlated with whiteness or non-Blackness, not skill or proficiency with technology.

@noyovo Buying a computer is cheaper than buying a smartphone in many cases (all of the cases where I live, your mileage may wary). My used Thinkpad cost approximately 90€. I don't know where you're based and that may be a considerable sum for the poorest, but I don't think owning a laptop like that is a very good measure of one's personal wealth for the average person.

@opfez The fact that you 1) argued with this basic fact 2) can't imagine €90 being prohibitively expensive for someone suggests that further engagement is a waste of energy. Go do some research

@noyovo Android users can vote for Linux; iOS users for BSD. Right? :phpbb2_razz:

@opfez @delve

@opfez @delve well i choose other because xen. (but Dom0 is linux)

@delve I use a mix of ChromeOS and a chroot

simply because I have basically no choice since the gpu drivers for my arm chromebook are broken
@Mia @delve Which Chromebook do you use please. Linux ARM GPU driver is quite mature now, and support full GL where official ARM driver only support GLES (but support Vulkan too).
I personally use GNU/Linux on my SBC, GNU/Linux on my personal desktop main desktop, GNU/Linux on a chromebook (never really used ChromeOS), GNU//Linux at work (for 20+years), GNU/Linux on servers as most people, and an internet box using Linux as most people on earth that have one.
@popolon @delve the c810, it's an nvidia cpu/igpu mix, trust me you have nothing
@Mia @delve Didn't know there was nvidia maid ARM Chromebook, that's very sad, sorry for you :(.
@popolon @delve they really did, the nouveau driver "works" but there is a LOT of issues, current one is that the TTY console simply will not start sometimes
@Mia @delve Nouveau isn't done by Nivida itself, that's a reverse engineered driver, Nividia didn't contributed at all as far I know.

@foxes Ah, I guess you're right. I probably should have included that. Unfortunately, I can't add it to the poll now. But I guess those would fall under "other".

Linux does all my heavy lifting. My Linux laptop is a 17" beast and I don't currently have a desk at home, so I probably pick up my Chromebook more often. But I run Linux apps on it!

@delve My primary systems are iPadOS and Linux. I use windows because it's the best option for me at this immediate moment. I'd happily move to Linux when it has stuff I need like Game DRM and commercial app support what games do you play and what commercial apps do you use?

steam is pushing hard for linux DRM support for their steam deck and the entire linux ecosystem will benefit

not to mention that you can run anything that doesnt work with wine or forks in qemu with little overhead

@delve Chrome OS is based on Linux. Why is it listed unlike any Linux distribution?

@Exagone313 When I say Linux, I'm of course referring to the Linux family of OSes. Just like when I say Windows, I'm referring to the Windows family of OSes.

Also, I thought that, by convention, Chrome OS is usually not really considered to be included in the Linux family, even tho it is based on Linux, just like Android isn't really considered to be Linux. I could be wrong about that, tho.

@delve Windows when it's working, but Linux at the moment...

@delve such a result can really only be obtained on the fedi

@delve I've been using Qubes OS ( on my personal laptop, super happy with it.

I also run Arch for music production and games, on a laptop that I use as a desktop.

Work laptop runs Mac OS, unfortunately.

@delve elemantaryOS on my personal computer but i use windows more often on my work laptop

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