Hey, friends of the Fediverse. Just because I'm curious, what's your eye color?

Boosts appreciated for sample size <3


I forgot to include central heterochromia in the poll. I meant add it to the "Complete or sectoral heterochromia" option, but it slipped my mind. If you have central heterochromia, you should pick the bottom option.

Poll is over! Thank you to everyone who participated! :D
Y'all are all awesome, and your eyes are all beautiful!

@delve ]
Actualy, being able to vote for several options would be nice. The color of my eyes or some people I know seem to be influenced by the sunlight, so summer and winter can have a difference, seems to me

@jack My instance doesn't have the option to allow multiple answers :/

That's fine, it's not that important. Just wanted to pointed that out :D

@jack @delve

I get that too, that people tell me my eyes change colour.

My theory is that it depends on how wide the pupil is. The iris often has several colours and depending on how much it contracts, you see more or less of one or the other colour.

Just a theory, though.

@delve @Iuckyduck is hazel green/brown, or a very light brown? I never know and it seems to depend on people 😅

@delve I guess I pick the heterochromia one though mine is central, not complete or sectoral!

@wolfie Ah, I forgot to include central! Dammit. I'll leave a reply telling people with central heterochromia to pick the bottom option. Thanks for pointing this out!

@delve I have central heterochromia but I didn’t see this until I voted blue haha

@FirstProgenitor Haha, it's alright. These polls are only for fun anyway. Bound to have a few errors :p I saw my name and almost selected it without reading the question

@delve neither complete nor sectoral heterochromia but central heterochromia, which is more or less pronounced depending on dilation, giving me the ability to somewhat change my eye colour (at least people's perception thereof) at will!

@delve I actually could not remember, so I had to take a selfie to see!

@delve Depending on the light, the color of my clothes, and I'd almost swear, by my mood, my eyes change from light brown, to amber, hazel and gray. But hazel is most usual, so I picked that one.

@delve So this whole poll made me investigate something I thought I had settled long ago. I initially was going to put green, because that's just how other people seem to read it. And then I read up about central heterochromia, and thought that was it. So I put that as my poll answer. Then I did some more digging, and now I'm pretty sure my eyes are probably just hazel and appear more greenish most of the time. Sorry for messing up your stats. 😆

@cstanhope I'm just glad you participated :3
It's all in good fun!

@delve I chose Dark of light blue, because they’re blue most of the time.

But under the right light, in certain circumstances, they can be a bit green instead.

Also have some brown flecks.

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