Do you use an RSS/Atom reader?

Boosts appreciated for sample size :)

@neauoire Oh! I figured it was probably something like that, but you had a typo, and when I looked up "Lifera", well, you can see for yourself what came up:

@delve I tried to get into them but they become overwhelming, I much prefer checking individual sites

@delve sure it's probably my fault for adding so much but there is a lot of news to keep up with and quite a few sites that are good and adding them all soon means there is too much information and my desire to read it etc goes down a lot.

I actually prefer to get my news from fedi, at least then I can have appropriate cws and people's opinions on them and talk about them etc.

@delve If you are talking about it for other purposes like podcasts or youtube etc, I prefer to use podcast apps or like freetube etc.

Just some strange quirk of how I work I guess.

@photonicfae Hey, what ever works best for you. We all have our needs and use-cases.

@danddv77 You know there are plenty of alternatives to Google Reader? E.g,., desktop feed readers like Liferea (as mentioned above and which I also use).


@delve Self-hosting a copy of FreshRSS for me and my partner. Supports multiple user accounts, and I believe if multiple people add the same feed it might dedupe/share the backend data in the DB.

Tons of sites hide their RSS feeds in the page source with no real link to it.

@kithop I use Feedbro on Firefox, which has a "Find Feeds in Current Tab" button. I'm guessing what it does is look in the source for it. It comes in very handy for this exact situation when the link isn't displayed.

@kithop A “show-all-feeds” bookmarklet can be helpful when the RSS feed is only advertised in the page source but not displayed:



@delve Not anymore as most if not all of my sources gave up on maintained newsfeeds years ago.


There are two worlds. The ones who uses RSS, and the ones who are endlessly screaming while frying in hell ~

@delve i use my nextcloud instance (news addon) and the companion android app for reading :)

@delve TT-RSS on my web server, with the companion Android app for when I don't have a real web browser handy.

@delve I kinda wanna but I really don't know what feeds to use it for. I mostly do that over Discord bots now

@delve of course i do! i even ended up writing my own, because everything is an email

@delve I kind of gave up on rss when Google Reader disappeared. I do use a podcatcher, but there's nothing I really need to keep up on text-wise

@delve I've had one sidebar reader or another installed since Firefox 1.0.

Harbi Xenu (Possibly? Name was some meaningless thing. Stopped working with Firefox 2.0)
Sage 2 (Sage didn't update so someone forked it)
Sage (Sage 2 didn't update, and Sage started updating again)
Drop Feeds (current, since Sage stopped updating)

@delve this is the only acceptable way of reading news and listening to podcasts. Any other should be rejected and forgotten forever.

@delve Nextcloud News to centrally manage it all, then I connect to my Nextcloud server from android with Nextcloud News on (called News) Fdroid and Desktop with FeedReader

@dnwlsn @delve Same here with Nextcloud news, may look into the FeedReader. Unfortunately Akregator is not compatible with Nextcloud.

@delve Let's convert people who have gone astray and have turned themselves over to AI-powered streams instead of RSS/Atom. ;-)

Feedly ... not ideal, but I read over different devices and until I don't host my own Nextcloud it's the best solution. Beside that RSS is the optimal way consuming news and knowledge.

@delve I use Thunderbird for everything communications related that's not in a browser (Email, RSS/Atom, NNTP, IRC, CalDav, CardDav, would also use it for XMPP if it could do OMEMO), because I don't want to use a million applications (especially not web applications).

@delve Not anymore 😞 I used Google Reader until it died and then I tried to find another one to switch to but nothing stuck.

@clifstan You oughta give it another shot. Lots of suggestions in this thread. Maybe check a couple out. Feed readers are the best.

@delve i do not currently but keep intending to, thanks for the reminder

I use Miniflux, a minimalistic but good feed reader, easy to install, easy to manage.

@delve I used to in ages past, but google reader's death seem to have fucked the whole ecosystem?

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