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like most of my subject-specific alts, I follow back people on this account only if they post on related subjects. especially if I follow you on main, I just don't want to have duplicate posts-per-minute from my main TL on this account.

the strangeness that unbidden comes, twisting sights and bending sounds, making voices from rain and visions from dream. you want to believe in secret orders for the likes of us; you want to believe there is a place for us, however hidden, in this world built for you, built up through our absence, our destruction, and in all the bricks beneath your feet there are mystics still screaming. you imagine the strangeness might be invited, entreated, bartered with, even befriended, because you will not face the will-less strangeness that acts through you, the violence of which you remain a part. there are no schools for us, no orders for us, and all the traditions of our ancestors have been crushed to dust, and all the shards churned into palatable tales: friendly witches who enact your normalcy as you turn a thousand-year knife, the act so banal, so timeless, that you have forgotten it entirely, and the blood you spill never enters your mind.

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the magic you invite, and the mysteries you don't

spider spider, weaving webs, threads of dread, devouring flies cowering in the bonds that only bind more and more with all your will to live. survival dooms itself as predator looms, all eyes peering, leering, jeering gleefully.

shadow shadow, loves to lurk, watching with lidless eyes, eyeless sockets, fleshless frame free of material firmament, animated by fear itself. terror tickles you, trickling from the dreams of sullen sullied survivors. haunt no more, shadow shadow, shade shivering, quivering just out of sight.

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@pizza_party what if I made a really conspicuous secret room setup and displayed it in there

@byttyrs You could put some trash around it, maybe the weathered metal and some salt or ashes

I'm throwing a party, the theme is digging a big hole and burying a to-be-determined quantity of weathered metal that I have at various times collected for witchcraft. I will be the only guest

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I bought this book AGES ago and I have only just now opened it to this title plate lmao

this makes witchcraft seem SO cool

the IDEA of grimoires is so cool but most of the easily accessible grimoires just... aren't...

me: [has religious trauma and related martyr complex that sometimes makes me get a little gruesome about the Eucharist]

also me: [unstable sense of self and use of poetry to understand my emotions leads me to having just, so many feelings about funerary cannibalism as a metaphor for grief and trauma recovery]

normal people:
normal people: I mean, I just kind of think vore is hot but you do you I guess

as usual, I have nothing but respect and vague envy for people who got the sexy versions of my various unsexy Issues™

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very bad do not open 

so if the holy spirit is in all of us does that mean when you're having sex you're also having sex with the holy spirit? 🤔

Lewd Christianity GRS shitpost, Tumblr ref 

How to be a Bottom/Versatile in a God Honoring Way: Phallus-Preserving Vaginoplasty

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Extra Lewd Christianity GRS shitpost 

According to the scriptures when he felt that good good pussy all he could say is "my Lord" and "my God "

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Lewd Christianity GRS shitpost 

Doubting Thomas got to be the Jesus' first dilater, chosen to fist the new vagina to prove it was good pussy.

plunging my fingers, then my hands, then my arms and finally my whole torso into the damp earth and taking root

being an atheist is a completely defensible and respectable philosophical position. sometimes making blanketly anti religion statements is culturally insensitive. sometimes religious people use religion to justify being horrible. in conclusion religion is a land of contrasts

was i damaged and repressed by my religious upbringing? yes, i will have to live with that forever. at the same time it was also religious thought that helped me process and accept my trauma. as i have grown older i have come to see religious thought as a way for me to accept of the non-rational. too often i see offhanded dismissal of religion as a dismissal of complexity and the unknowable and an extension of a desire for a totally rational, orderly, and easily categorized world.

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anyway uhhhhh i'm gonna go detach my dick and balls and wave the sign of the cross with them

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