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Once a week I would like something to make me feel the way a broken and recovering Rhodey feels about “Tony Stank”.

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I read that Rolling Stone interview with Jack Dorsey so you don’t have to. It’s a doozy.

No matter where I turn these days, I don’t count.

tfw you can no longer update your own business information on Google because Google for Business has decided to use a re-verification process your business can’t meet the requirements of

And then a Wordpress happiness engineer thought following two long paragraphs in which they effectively told me I was shit out of luck and they can’t help me with “It's a pleasure to help you. 😊” was a good idea.

Happiness engineered: none.

I finally read that article. Whatever its problems or conflicts or lacks, Mastodon still has a more diverse userbase than Microblog, where it’s almost *all* white, male tech people.

“Toxic masculinity isn’t a thing, and here’s a picture of me arming my young sons while my daughter silently mouths ‘get me out of here’ to prove it!"

I can’t figure out why gifs don’t load for me here via mobile web.

I wish I had anything to contribute to the world that would make people want to give me their money.

Really all that mattered today was that Fringe returned to free streaming.

I cancelled my subscription and am wondering a bit if it’s worth taking that monthly cost and putting up a vanity domain Mastodon instance via for myself.

Actually giving this serious consideration. I just methodically input a bunch of my Medium stuff just to get a sense of how I’d feel about it.

Or I could blog via email newsletter, like at Substack or something.

I’m even tempted to go try svbtle again, even though the “hovering triggers a ‘like’” thing is atrocious.

I’m still not sure where I stand in my Mastodon vs. thing. I’ve said it before: I want the diversity that exists here, and want to be here, but I still haven’t found an instance that feels like home. But I also want to start blogging again, more independently, and I like the M.b interface, and am still unsure about

There’s an autism shit-stirrer on Medium who just posted a thing calling the online autism community “slavers”. It’s called, “It’s Time to Walk Away from the Autistic Plantation”. You know you’ve found an asshole when they are willfully abusing slavery imagery.

Starting to check into temp. electrical at the goats, how do I answer PGE’s question, “What is the voltage/amperage for the service?”

What we are likely using: xfinity WiFi router running 24/7, two Nest cams runnjng 24/7, occasionally charging power tool and phone batteries.

I sort of wish I could divorce’s blogging part from its social part. It’s a nice, minimalist, clean writing environment, even with having to use Markdown. But the social network there is… boring, and flat, and bland.

I do sort of enjoy, in some respects, that they have no engagement other than replies. No reposts, no likes. But I feel like they get away with things like not really considering CWs only because, well, it seems mostly to be men in tech.

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