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Once a week I would like something to make me feel the way a broken and recovering Rhodey feels about “Tony Stank”.

Reminder this account is defunct. I’m still here on but at @bix now.

(Still here on because how can I walk away from a site with that domain.)

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: @bix which is where I am now. This account is defunct.

(And then I will just be deleting this account outright.)

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I think I need to delete this account and start over here from scratch.

I think I might need to just delete all my social media.

I hate everything I am doing. Write House is stupid. My revived photography hobby is stupid.

Maybe I should just delete all my social media so I don't flail into the ether or have to see anyone else's successful lives.

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I just want to go live in a farmhouse that nonetheless is walkable to a coffeeshop and a diner and just have everything else delivered. I’d settle for feeling like any given day wasn’t basically pointless even if I was fine with bits and pieces of it along the way at the time.

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And even this thread feels unnecessary and unearned and unseemly even though it’s my own life.

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And I still have a liver ultrasound and I still have lab work and I still have a postponed sleep study and I still have mysterious body aches and I still have to decide on bladder stone removal surgery and a diverticulum biopsy and the thought of having to care for a catheter for two weeks paralyzes me.

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Yesterday I had a CT scan (don’t worry, this thread is amongst the cards and letters I will burn), which is a minor and uninvasive thing but still I trembled uncontrollably through almost the entire thing, I guess because the last time I was prone on a medical table was last week for a cystoscopy and I was still traumatized?

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This morning was cold pizza out of a bowl because the dishes aren’t done I sure as shit aren’t going to do them at the moment, and dumping leftover home coffee and leftover coffeeshop latte into a glass.

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Lately I just keep hearing a Waterboys lyric.

I'm gonna find me a ship
Stowaway on a boat
I'm gonna burn all the words
And letters and cards that I ever wrote

That last bit just keeps reverberating in my head, for two weeks now.

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I think I have an unnecessary unearned and unseemly need to be relevant and it fucks up my mental life. There’s nothing I do or think of doing that isn’t rightfully being done or can’t be done by other people, in better ways and more attuned to progress. It’s all just deluded wheel spinning on my end.

(The latter appeals in part because it’s more streamlined but also because it has that section about how “reverse isms” aren’t a thing and we won’t act on complaints about them.)

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So I am trying to make some decisions about the code of conduct for @writehouse and it’ll be based either on the Community Covenant or the @xoxo Code of Conduct or some combination. Thoughts?

It's weird that on blog entries there is literally no link back to the main page of the site. Only a link to WriteFreely itself. To discover anything else on the site, you'd have to go to the URL field and manually erase everything but the domain.

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