reminder that just as trans people deserve bodily autonomy and respect, intersex people deserve bodily autonomy and respect

in general:

- don't do genital altering surgeries on children and infants unless a bodily function is obstructed (ie. can't urinate or have a hard time doing so, phimosis, or they're literally allergic to their own organs or w/e)

- don't force kids to be cis, or to even conform to the binary standard in general

- listen to them!! if something makes them uncomfortable, do what you can to resolve that on THEIR terms!

- teach them about their bodily and social rights! and teach them about the history of gender and pronouns too! you would be surprised as to how old some invented pronouns are if you don't know already. quite a few historical figures were also gnc, nonbinary, and trans!

my gosh, these have blown up

i'm gonna mute for now!! i'm not sure if i'll see replies or not but i'll try to remember to check every now and then. if all else fails and you have something important to add that you want me to see too, just DM me and let me know!

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