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:ad: sfw commissions and adoptables! 

Hey there! I'm a digital artist and creator, mostly specializing in pixel art. I do also color in adopts and make my own from time to time.

Please check out my links if you want to get a commission or buy an adopt! :>

Main site:

Terms of Service: /



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It's up! I've made a site about Income_Redistro, including an FAQ!

If you need help or want to help, please check it out!

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please fill out more information on your profile before trying to follow me.

i require:

- your pronouns or lack thereof

- some common interests (aside from only Linux and or FOSS), as indicated by profile text or posts you've made or boosted

- if all else fails and you think i rejected your follow request, please contact me via DMs if you would like to appeal.

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intro post 

Hi, I'm Bab! I'm your local friendly furry, artist, writer, worldbuilder, and aspiring programmer.

I'm usually tired to some degree, so please allow 16-48 hours for me to respond to any PMs!

Pronouns are he/him, they/them, and ey/em. (

I have a site!:

I do occasionally post NSFW things, and I don't boost anything explicit without a CW.

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27/10/20: phone bill is $1040 because of reconnection fees. Bracelets, 7 inch full persian in 20g 3/16" phosphor bronze, 6 and a half inch byzantine in anodized aluminum, purple over orange, and a 7 inch half persian three into one in 18g 3/16" jewellers brass. US$10 each or all three for $25, includes shipping in contiguous USA, others DM for details. PayPal $tarlimanjoppos #maille

re: nsfw emojis, Discord screenshot 

in all seriousness, please do not use butter as lube lmao

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Hey so

My one girlfriend is a young trans girl living in NC. She is facing homelessness in like two weeks-ish, if not sooner. She doesn't have any options for an income because of her depression, there are no options for housing that either of us can find. Her abusive parents are actively violent and hunting her down and the pharmacy just refused to refill her estrogen. She's running out of options and neither of us know what to do.

If you could donate or reboost it would mean so fucking much to us. Even just a little bit, whatever you can manage.

i think i ran out of quotes (for now). there might be a surprise one later. who knows?

i'm not sure what's worse about me on Discord -- the nicknames, or the shit i say


please ignore the nickname, that's a terrible RP character x Stellaris/Xenonion joke

i'm sorry, at this point i'm just torturing people with these screenshots

ah, yes, the screenshot taken from the time that my nickname was "you don't want to run a nazi bar"

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