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Beep boop! My boyfriend, Cedric, is offering $15 tarot readings. Payments taken via Paypal.

Contact him at Cedric#9001 on Discord if you're interested!

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donation links and things 

Every donation is super appreciated!

(Also, remember to do friends and family if you're using the link!)$ZirconiumStudios

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It's up! I've made a site about Income_Redistro, including an FAQ!

If you need help or want to help, please check it out!

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please fill out more information on your profile before trying to follow me.

i require:

- your pronouns or lack thereof

- some common interests (aside from only Linux and or FOSS), as indicated by profile text or posts you've made or boosted

- if all else fails and you think i rejected your follow request, please contact me via DMs if you would like to appeal.

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intro post 

Hi, I'm Bab! I'm your local friendly furry, artist, writer, worldbuilder, and aspiring programmer.

I'm usually tired to some degree, so please allow 16-48 hours for me to respond to any PMs!

Pronouns are he/him, they/them, and ey/em. (

I have a site!:

I do occasionally post NSFW things, and I don't boost anything explicit without a CW.

re: CSA, trans; for cis parents and wannabe-parents 

Cis parents:

Suppose you have a daughter who wants to play a sport.

Would you want her to go through such a "physical examination"?

If she was accused of "being a boy", they'd have to check. Even if you both knew she wasn't a trans girl.

No one is exempt from fascism. Y'all had better care.

I can see why cis people get so stuck on gender

A fucking hat assigns them Gryffindor and they take that to the grave

pandemic psa (positive) 

reminder that even if you're quite young/not immunocompromised you should still get your vaccine asap if it's offered to you. you're not "jumping the queue" it's okay, just take it, especially if it's going to waste otherwise. the more people who get it the better, and your safety matters too.

cw your uspol (any politics but idk i only really see un-cw'd uspol)

re: transphobia-adjacent, sports, note for cis people 

Cis people:

Please don't permit yourself to be fooled that things like this only affect the exact people that they officially target.

This is one example of an actual slippery slope.

A bill banning young trans girls from womens' sports teams at school, doesn't just affect young trans girls at that states' schools -- though that's already far too many girls.

* It affects the cis girls who are their friends, and want them on their teams.

* It affects trans boys, weighing up the risks of applying for the boys' team.

* It affects nonbinary people, who understand they'll have to "choose a side" to be on a team.

* It affects adult women's teams, who will have fewer experienced players to choose from.

* It affects coaches, who now have to enforce a policy they might find soul-crushingly hurtful.

* It affects trans adults, who want to play sports recreationally, and now have to worry about bigotry being enabled and encouraged in their own sports communities.

Bills that target "trans children" are intended as threats to the entire transgender demographic. Children are easier to legislate against, as they have few rights for themselves, and there is a cover of their "protection" to hide behind.

What is done to trans children is what bigots want to do to ALL transgender people, and all non-conforming people of any kind.

Including you.

(boosts ok)


i cannot consume enough baja blast to satiate my brain

can i just have a cup that infinitely refills itself with baja blast

scp things, misgendering / dehumanization; murder mention 

and this doesn't even cover the dehumanization and using of "it/its" for subjects even when they clearly use otherwise, and the direct stripping of their names even when they ask to be called their goddamn name instead of scp [number here]

like blease. stop. i don't care if this is a person capable of bending reality or who murders people supernaturally or what-the-fuck-ever, they still deserve dignity and respect.

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scp 515, torture / abuse and extreme bodily injury 

like with scp 515, the sleeper. why do you break his bones if he's just gonna heal them anyways. how much does breaking his bones actually slow him down. i understand every time he moves there's an imminent threat of asteroids destroying the earth, but it just seems unnecessary and cruel.

like idk this happening over and over again where the foundation is needlessly cruel just strikes me the wrong fuckin' way. 10/10 do not like, and those that know me KNOW i do like torture

just like.. not like this?? please. goddamn.

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i would also like to add that this alternative is as cruelty free as possible when it comes to the subjects.

because THAT in particular about them has bothered me for fucking forever

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by the way, yeah, scp wiki doesn't like plural or kin folks because they're fucking trash

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warning about a very transphobic website masquerading as trans positivity 

I was looking for an online support group for a trans friend who needed help coping with their gender dysphoria, and instead I found a “support group” for transphobic parents.

The main website sorta pretends to be at least somewhat positive towards trans people, but their pdf list of “resources” is a compilation of fearmongering about “”ROGD”” and hormone blockers, and endorsements of bathroom laws, “LGB”/“drop the T” alliances, transphobic detransitioners, the TERF moms who call themselves 4th Wave Now, and more.

The website is called genderdysphoriasupportnetwork DOT com. Not super into directly linking it tbh.

One of my dogs likes tennis balls and the other likes sticks. I am getting them this educational toy so that they will learn about topology.


This is the one year that I am actually beginning to fear for my life in the United States, because so many states are passing anti-transgender laws.

I know I am an transgender woman who is an adult, but I still fear for myself.

We really need to do something about all of these goddamn Republicans. We need to get them out of office right now, and to fix the country so everyone is equal and free.

Right now I really hate America, and I would murder if it meant I could move to Switzerland immediately.

it is time to sleep now,

but can someone yell at me tomorrow to do art? >>

Beep boop! My boyfriend, Cedric, is offering $15 tarot readings. Payments taken via Paypal.

Contact him at Cedric#9001 on Discord if you're interested!

re: donation links and things; details of current needs 

Still haven't heard word from any potential employers.

Nor will I be getting any stimulus checks unless I get hired and file my taxes, as I was claimed on my mom's for 2020. I haven't seen anything from the gov't in my bank at all last year.

Legit anything would help right now. Thank you.

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donation links and things 

Every donation is super appreciated!

(Also, remember to do friends and family if you're using the link!)$ZirconiumStudios

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