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freud and fraud are only one character apart and that is NO coincidence

I'll never say anything controversial if I just never say anything, huh.

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I have new cans, ATH-M50x, and well, they are much less neutral than the HD471s, in a good way.

glog in go is such a mess, to find out the verbosity level to let our own logging library know that needs to coexist with this shit thanks to kubernetes we literally try all verbosity levels until it returns false.

also the control host is set up using vagrant and saltstack

provisioning a cloudformation template with terraform that runs ansible to install your nixos config

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Well look a had a HDD die suddenly without being used much.

Of course it was a seagate barracuda

i now have confirmation my switch is patched :/

US trade sanctions are like GDPR compliance, no corporation really cares until someone reads them the non-compliance fees.

I have a really hard time ascribing the GitHub trade sanction crackdown to malice. It seems more likely someone in the usgov poked them with "this is how much you need to pay in case we see anyone there using github by the way".

So I'm angry at the US gov instead of MSFT?

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