is a lovely example of gatekeeping :)

I feel illegitimate and it's tilting me.

okay here's me doing some apple bashing and apple praising Show more

Well I just wanted to reset touchid but apparently this wiped the entire T2 keystore. Great.

hooray time to feel physically ill from depression

goddamnit someone reminded me only a single digit percentage of people that /seriously/ try manage to substantially fuck with body mass

wanting to go to bed because you're tilted but you're at work

me having no idea about this black avatar meme is how i know i'm well integrated into this community.


Uninstalling League is like admitting defeat to a game I've tried to get and failed miserably for 3 years or so (those were long ago).

Fuck that game.

I feel like I've missed some essential component to that game and it just ends up being miserable

I tried to play a game of League of Legends and now I want to die.

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99% of all "why does windows do this weird thing" questions can be answered by "decades of compatibility"

jp/sz debate Show more

I installed gitea (and set up ansible for it)

thinking about reverting this branch to master

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