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Crowdfunding, ask for help 

I have been trying to work with unemployment for months now. I have finally set up an appointment with them to verify my need for assistance, but its at the end of the month, where I will need to pay rent. I'm also inbetween college semesters and am currently unable to find a safe remote job with the Omicron variant going around.

I just paid rent and I'm running low. Please share, and pitch in to my Paypal, Venmo or Cashapp if you can.

Paypal: (deadname warning):

Venmo: @FarahT

Cashapp: $Underwraps77

I appreciate your help. ❤️

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Selfies, lewd, self-promotion 

I'm on Fansly now!

If you'd like to see what I'm making, have a subscription for half-off:

Thanks for your support! <3

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Self-promotion, publication 

So, a lot has been happening and 2 years ago I was asked to contribute a personal piece of writing for the anthology Transgender Marxism, under my name Farah Thompson. It has now been published, along with dozens of other works by other writers.

You can order it here:

I have made formatting corrections in my piece on Squeecore, so my argument should be more clear now. Thanks for reading! :)

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on the dark web. Banging into things and saying sorry a lot. Feeling around for a lightswitch.

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asking for help 

Hey, lovelies.

Sooo, as I'm quickly learning what I've taken to calling "the Contractor's Burden", I have once again not been paid on-time. You can bet your ass that they're going to be getting an earful from me, because this pattern has gotten *very* old.

In the meantime, I've got a few bills coming up, as well as no money for food.

If you could: would you mind kicking me a few bucks to get some of this nonsense under control?$somarasu

Love you 💖

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fuck you kennedy, I will absolutely ask what my country can do for me because if it doesn't help anyone then what is the earthly point of it lmao

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Seeing The Last Duel on HBO Max literally months after it got released had me like, "Oh wow, just like cable TV...oh."

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something that should be remembered when talking about the 'old internet' is how restricted access to it was. in 1999 — when yahoo acquired geocities — about 5% of the world's population had Internet access. currently it's some 70%

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you write like a vampire

because you're terminally allergic to stakes

Criticisms aside, I think the Ritegud podcast about Squeecore is absolutely worth a listen.

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"One problem I have with this argument [of Squeecore being a thing] is that as much as it rails against the mainstream, it still takes the premises of said mainstream to define what is the state of the art. This limits the scope of one's fight of self-expression to merely dethroning the dominant rather than transforming the circumstances which form them. At most, this cathartic rage can be harnessed to push certain writers you think deserve fame up the New York Times best seller list. But isn't there more we can demand, even as creatives?"

From my piece "A quick thought on Squeecore":

Also, how Zack Snyder works with unestablished/up and coming Black actors versus Joss Whedon is stark.

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The New York Magazine Joss Whedon interview is horrifying for all the reasons something like that would be horrifying with the recent revelations. I just want to point out one thing: for an article that’s trying to be critical while letting him hang himself by his own rope, it sure is pushing the angle of him being possessive of strong womanhood to the edge of personification hard.

Could be a paranoid reading, but within the atmosphere of reactionary media panics and op-eds around trans and gender-non-conforming predators, it doesn’t even feel like a dog whistle. A friend said it feels like a biography of a serial killer at points and they’re so right.

“In a way the lionization of show, don’t tell, almost inevitably leads to the logic of a filmic literature. After all, internality often involves telling the audience how somebody feels. As “Show, Don’t Tell” becomes a hard rule, it’s not hard to see how an audience of would-be authors with an insufficient grounding in literature but a lot of exposure to television will inevitably interpret that to turn the page into a kind of screen.”

Not to say that Tarantino is a good person, or that Kevin Smith isn't...what he is. Robert Rodriguez is cool, though. He was an early champion of digital video for moviemaking AND he made Spy Kids. Total badass.

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I said this elsewhere, but: say what you will about the period where everyone ripped off Clerks, El Mariachi and Pulp Fiction, at least that period allowed space for other perspectives and innovations to exist, even within each movie director's own filmographies.

Whedonism (and the subsequent "Squeecore" trend the Ritegud podcast named recently) does not.

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money request, we need a new motherboard :boost_requested: 

Hey so!

We tried building a desktop several months ago and it never worked. Just seemed to be dead, won't turn on.

But we tested our PSU - with a multimeter, even - and it seems to be working fine. So it looks like it's the motherboard.

Sooo we gotta buy a new one. The /cheapest/ ones are like $80. That's way more than we'd feel comfortable just taking out of food money.

If you can, mind helping us out?

Phantasy Star Online 2, screenshots 

Retem in wintertime is so pretty.

There are also sandstorms.

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