It's true, I've had a crush on Derwin since the show. LOOK AT HIM. He has manage to age like fine wine. THAT SMOLDERING GLARE THO I AM WEAK😍😭

And before all y'all kids @ me like "eeww he's old" and? Bitch, I'm gonna be 42 in November, the fuck's your point? That's just more Derwin thirst for me. :drooling:

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I just want to take a few moments to talk about the 2 different actors they got to play Raleigh Jordan.....because facts, I don't talk about this enough.

Trauma recovery, hypervigilance 

"Trauma survivors often need as much information about a current situation as possible. This may seem intense to others, but we've lived with so much uncertainty around areas that were out of our control, that having facts about areas we *can* control helps us feel safe."

If this isn't the truest thing you'll read today.... christ. All the yes @ this. Anyone else feel this to their bones?

Gaslighting PSA 

Gaslighting Red Flags:
* You apologize without knowing what you did wrong.
* There is an imbalance of power.
* They give you affection... then abruptly yank it away.
* They assign motives to your actions that are the opposite of your intentions.
* When you try to explain how you feel, they're dismissive. You are "overreacting" or "too sensitive".
* Most interactions leave you feeling small or ashamed.
* They insist it didn't happen that way.
*You find yourself questioning your beliefs and opinions. If your point of view doesn't match theirs, it's wrong.
* You edit every word before you speak it, changing any thought that they could possibly misconstrue.
@introvertdoodles, posted by Sharon Martin, LCSW

Harley Quinn: "Jazz is frickin garbage!"
Night man: "Psychoanalysis is mysticism"
Harley Quinn: 🤬

Ok I'll grant you that some Jazz is crap. But studying the subjective unconscious?? That's woo-woo AF, sis. lol

Raleigh: "You really need to stop doubting yourself; there are too many people intimidated by your potential."
@ You :blobcatheart:

I used to say headass shit like this too, and I was wrong. But that's the beginning of my story, not the end. 

Night man: "I can't be racist. San Francisco is a diverse city. I've got a diverse family. I go to Black Lives Matter protests. I voted for Obama twice!"
Neuronne: "Ya' proximity to Black people don't get ya outta racist shitbag jail, Night man. Cut the bullshit!"

This phenomenon is so prevalent, Sociologists have a term for it- "The Inoculation Case". (I've been around tons of Black people and am thereby absolved of my racism)

Neuronne doesn't gaf if you were in an all-Black school or the Peace Corps. The harder you work trying to prove you aren't racist, the more guilty you look. Be mad about it! And then get all the way over yourself and introspect. It has never and will never be about you.
We need to have a more well-rounded understanding of what racism is and how it works (98% subconsciously) if we're going to unpack it within ourselves to reveal our role in it.

Loki: "Thou seest, Night man, reality is really a series of choices --right/left, black/white, male/female ....and yes/no!"
Night man: "Nah, dude. That's some good/bad binary bullshit."
Loki: [Pointing] "Thou sitteth through a handful of Udemy courses and youtube videos, and thou deign to act like thou haveth a sociology degree?"
Night man: "Oh, I deign like a mother fucker, bitch"
Night man clone 2/16: "OOF, this sounds like the dialogue of a shitty porno flick."
Night man clone 3/16: "EEEW, bro."

Issue #22 where he meets Loki and makes a butt-ton of duplicates to kick his own ass is my favorite because it's a total cheesefest lmao

Possibly triggering karen bullshit: a PSA 

Chick whose name I forgot: "Oh, Johnny! I'm so glad you came"
Johnny: "You sounded hysterical on the phone, are you ok?"
CWNIF: "That Black man, Raleigh, he hurt me! I said one little thing to him, and he attacked me! I don't feel safe!"
Johnny: "WTF, You don't 'feel safe'...BITCH"
Johnny: "Even if Raleigh wasn't my friend, our society harms Black people under the guise of protecting white women. Your 'I don't feel safe' bullshit is 100% illegitimate."
Johnny: "He called you out for some racist shit, now you want me to punish him. No way!"
CWNIF: "FUCK YOU! I'm never calling you again!"
Johnny: "COOL, BYE"

We gotta start calling out these , y'all. You don't have to be able to hear evil thoughts to see through this horseshit.

One of my fb followers asked me a really good question and I felt like I had to answer it publicly because I'd been thinking about tackling it for a while.
For anyone unfortunate enough to actually have read the Night man comics, they suck. And they're hella cringe. Like.....guys, just fucking trust, it's bad. And I was asked why.
The answer is really simple... a comic is only as deep and interesting as it's writer. 🤷‍♂️
Steve Englehart is a boring af boomer who's lived (And continues to live) a sheltered, privileged life. That's why his writing is milquetoast, generic, soft boiled sealion ass.

Really cringe joke 

I don't even know what I was smoking when I made this lol

Medical shows are just as bad as cop shows 

Isn't it wild how we've been socially engineered to compartmentalize our thoughts so we don't see how everything connects?

How come the people always talking about Julian Assange never talk about Chelsea Manning? I'm just hella curious, y'know?? 

More info on James Averhart, the judge who put Chelsea Manning back in jail, who's running for 1st Congressional District in Alabama: Averhart retired from the Marine Corps as a Chief Warrant Officer Five after a 30-year career, mainly as a military policeman, rising to head the Marine Corps Correction Service (the prison for Marines convicted of criminal offenses on duty). He was in combat in Operation Desert Shield and Operation Desert Storm (the two phases of the 1990-1991 Persian Gulf War). As the Democratic candidate in the Mobile-based 1st Congressional District, left vacant by the retirement of Republican Bradley Byrne, Averhart is a prohibitive underdog to Republican nominee Jerry Carl, a Mobile County commissioner, who has raised $1.7 million to Averhart’s $50,000.
He's one of many CIA Dems running for office this year.

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How come the people always talking about Julian Assange never talk about Chelsea Manning? I'm just hella curious, y'know?? 

Despite Obama having pardoned Chelsea Manning, she's been back in jail over bullshit a while now. And the asshole judge who put her there is running for a dem. Because sure, why not? We only actually have one party.

I got a joke for y'all- What do I have in common with French architecture, music, dance, painting, and sculpture? 


Embarassing headass meme, fixed 

Must I explain why this is headass and needed to be fixed?

Hey, remember that time I sat here and made a whole ass infographic on the dark triad for no reason? Seriously, I have way too much time on my hands.

This one inspired by all the progressive liberals who think they're left, not realizing how right of center they are.

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