Promise I didn't forget about this account, I'm just trying to start a small business and it's been taking ALL of my time and energy. (And money) But legit if I don't get something going I'm going to end up on the fucking street when my unemployment runs out so it's worth a shot.
Thanks for sticking around, y'all

Grabbed this from ig, the Angel Gate is coming in 2 days. Time to figure out what you really want and manifest that shit for real.

1 teensy weensie addendum 

At the end he started singing about god and I deuced out ✌️

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If you listen to this you will bawl like a baby I promise you 

Good lord this shit has had me crying my eyes out for a half hour now, and I'm not even done with it. It was so needed tho, so cleansing. And honestly? So fucking profound.
They say you never have to wonder if it's a true guru who stands before you, as opposed to a fraud. Gurus carry around so much karma, so much power that you feel it in your forehead. You'd be able to spot them from blocks away like a Highlander. You just sit up like, "they're here" and look around. I've never been in the presence of a guru but I know they'd have me head over heels.

This video is a 70+ minute monologue and I don't blame you if you don't want to sink that much time into something.
It's for me. I needed to hear this wisdom. I needed this release.

death mentions. Lightly used herbs I totally have to cleanse 

Ok, 'Trying" is a shitty way to put it, apparently.

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death mentions. Lightly used herbs I totally have to cleanse 

It's sad that somebody had to die for me to get a shitton of second hand herbs and spices, but at least I can start selling medicinal herbal rubs and teas now. I can recognize abundance when I see it on an intellectual level, at least. Poverty consciousness has had a firm grip on my genitals for the past several days and I can't seem to shake myself free. But fuck knows I'm trying

I'm tryin I'm tryin I'm fucking trying. Today isn't easy and I'm really bitter and angry and I'm not even being given room to vent about it. It seems like everyone is allowed to vent and be allowed to feel how they feel but me. As always I'm just gonna handle shit my fucking self.

This is a spread I made myself. I don't know why it has to be $40, maybe because of how intense the answers will be? It isn't tested so once I get used to it, the price will come down.
I should use hashtags, hang on

I set up my business page on fb like a dumbass but I think I need to advertise on here, too.
But everything I put on fb I put on instagram too.

This is my most popular spread, I'm putting it on sale tomorrow for $15 (It's usually $20) because some monies is better than no monies, which is what I currently have. Who the fuck knows when congress will pass another stimulus, I need to eat, pay rent and buy meds now.

Hunger rant 

Sorry I fell off the planet, that happens now and again. Been putting more effort into my tarot reading business because I'm still unemployed from frickin April and PUA is barely giving me $100 per week. NYC has been kicking people out of homeless shelters, slicing budgets of food programs, and eliminating social safety nets on every level. Now that the media frenzy over covid has simmered down and the death rate has dropped, officials are trying to kill us poor people off as quietly as possible.

The main place I volunteer at has been feeding 600+ low income families a day, including the disabled, immunocompromised and a few dozen holocaust survivors, who are already getting less food from the city. Now our budget has been slashed too, and can only get half the food to them as before. Don't know how long that will last, either.

How long are we going to put up with this? What is it going to take to make people angry enough to disobey? Are we just gonna lay down and die?

PL politics, women's rights, PLEASE boost 

The Constitutional Court of Poland (which includes illegally appointed judges) just made a ruling regarding abortion law.

Abortion in PL is now illegal for p. much ANY reason. Women will be forced to give birth not just to children that result from rape. It'll actually be illegal to abort a foetus without lungs or a brain. No, this is not an exaggeration.

This is a EU country in 2020. Difficult to imagine, right?

Please boost to make this widely known.

This is quite possibly the most helpful and informative video I could ever share with someone who's embarking on their healing journey. The length will scare most off, but it goes quickly, and it's so worth it. At the end of the day, you really do get out what you put in.

OMG My bro, H and I were talking about real revolutionary music being more hip hop than rock. I don't know many rock bands on that real shit, but then I found this... 😂 This is so good lmao

Americans are so brainwashed, the vast majority of us forgot that we had a bargain with our government.
The ballot, or the bullet?
When our votes don't mean shit, and the candidates help corporations prey on the people, (which is obvious by now) then the bargain is void.

mentions of abuse by parents 

"Everyone wants to have a relationship with their parents. It is one of our most primal needs. So if someone tells you they no longer speak to a parent, don't question their decision. Trust that they have a very good reason."
@keepingupwithshaunee? shaenaee? I can't tell.
Lawd, that script font is aggravating. Not my fault, I tried!

So anyway, yeah. It's very likely that if a child cuts off a parent, they've tried everything else first. Please keep your "but you only have one mom/dad" bullshit to yourself. Thx

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