I think we can all agree OS elitism sucks.

Sent from my MacBook Pro.

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Back at work after two weeks away and within an hour there's a significant production issue.

I expected a warm welcome back, but I didn't think that'd mean everything was on fire

reading all those "how to lose weight fast" articles and doing the opposite of what they say

@lynnesbian alright im calling out @roxxers

she said she wanted to be untagged to not get spammed but she's favorited every toot in the thread since then πŸ€”

oh god what gayness have i wrought upon the world

Queer update: I'm candidly and determinedly queer.

Girls... we did it. Video games are finally over.

The reservoir was draining today. It's a magnificent sight. Β·

i just remembered that i had a dream that my stove ran Windows 10

im concerned it may be an omen

it's much easier than it looks!!

all you have to do is be really gay and say hi to all the cuties

i will demonstrate:

hi cutie πŸ’œ

upon receiving such a compliment, the proper course of action is usually to reply by mashing random keys on your keyboard in a flustered manner

additionally, at least 25% of your posts should mention you are gay in some way

follow these few simple rules and you'll be a mastodon pro in no time!

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No Nazis. No Fascists. No bigotry. Listen and be excellent to each other.