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Don't look for healing at the feet of those that broke you.

Plastic phallic-shaped medical devices 

Been a while since I impeached Nixon, but my PA finally told me to ditch a dilator since I didn't need it anymore and I'm using #4 consistently.

We had a good run, #2.

I finally worked up the courage to do it.

Everyone...I defeated #4 in the first try.


Going to speak before the Senate today about the . See ya soon, Mitch.

Ong I've never had to business attire as a woman before wtfdid send help

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Who has two thumbs and gets to go gay it up on Capitol Hill in two weeks? Yeaaaaah!


Oh, that's right...I have a mastodon profile 😬


Lol I better get that last shot in...I have to go through forced menopause again, yay!

Why did I think moving to bimonthly injections was ever a good idea?

I just want to cry in the corner with a bucket of chicken and scream at passersby.

Death, reconciliation 

Normally by reputation and profession, I'm both mercy and death. This week, I've been a big sobbing baby in the wake of my dad's passing. A mother I haven't been on good terms with since I came into womanhood -and a sister I haven't seen since long before that- have spent the last week under the same roof. Drinking endless glasses of wine, making food for the three of us, going out and bonding as women for the first time. For the first time, a mother and her TWO daughters, one of them a mother of two herself.

I'm heading back to my own children soon, and to be honest, I'm ready to go home to my own family. At the same time, the acceptance I always wanted is right here under this roof. There has been a lot of healing done here, and a lot of accepting between the three of us.

A hole has been opened in my heart; next to it, another has been overfilled.

I return to my family tomorrow with renewed purpose and love.

I mean, is this too much to ask? Fuck, I hate distances.😭 😭 😭

Ruining your childhood, lewd, selfies, ec, boosts ok 

My littleforbig onesie came in today! [Cuteness increases]


My dad passed away yesterday.

We got a lot closer over the last couple years. Despite my mom not accepting my new life for as long as she did.

He raised me to be what he thought was a caring and supportive man. When things turned so suddenly, I thanked him for molding me into the woman I am now. He said either way, he raised my sister and I to be the same independent people he would have wanted to have been at our ages and that he was still proud of what I'd achieved and what I've given him. He knew this was right for me and he didn't try to talk me out of it. He tried his damnedest to keep the name and pronouns fresh, even as his dementia got deeper and deeper. In the end, he didn't remember me nor his son. I'm not saddened...I got my closure a long time ago, and I love my dad for who I remember him as. He suffers no more.

Dad, I love you and I miss you, so so much.

Boosting my own post because after the shit the SCOTUS pulled today, we're all still thankful to those that support us and our continued service.

Featuring my girlfriend and I!

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Uniform selfie, ec, confused face 

So, about that trans ban? πŸ™„

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