Abolish rent, abolish mortgages. The illegitimate crime of Poverty shouldn’t be punishable by a slow death alone & unnoticed on the streets. Literally sending them off on a floating iceberg would be more merciful than this.

@denikombucha abolishing rent is a pretty bad idea, at least as far as I’ve thought


@denikombucha I do think it would be good as it’s a major reason people are homeless, but if we have no rent, who will build the buildings for people to stay in?
Who will pay people to fix stuff when it breaks?
What’s protecting against overpopulation?

Also, if we get rid of rent, the economy will literally shit its pants. Prices will fluctuate as people don’t have to pay rent, companies might charge more for X since consumers have more money, etc, etc. There are always repercussions with something like this.

@denikombucha I’m not saying we shouldn’t lower rent. It’s way too fucking expensive, but how else are you going to pay property taxes and shit for the buildings you own?


Again wrong questions. You don't own anything you can't defend with expensive legal battles or an army. Syrians in the Golan Heights are being driven off of their property 'they own' rn. Ppl in flint are having their property and equity destroyed by private public partnerships to privatize water. What gives you the right to ownership that comes at the price the commons? Like healthcare, shelter is a human right. Think farther.

@denikombucha damn, I guess you're right, I haven't really thought about it like that


Wrong questions. Better ones are why do white ppl have the right rent stolen land to other poorer white ppl and the original indigenous communities they slaughtered to have it. Palestinian families are literally being driven out of their bulldozed homes only to see their land being put up on Air BnB.

The economy is already shitting its pants because its founded in imperialism and free market liberalism. Thats why I told you to think farther.

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