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via @typhlosion: for #tinnitus sufferers, try placing your palms on your ears with your fingers toward the back of your head (like you're taking off a helmet) and drum on the hollow spot at the back of your head (where your spine enters your skull) with your fingers for 15-30 seconds.

I tried this about five minutes ago and my tinnitus still hasn't come back. :o

game characters with eye contact 

This is @Pixley and I in her campsite in ACPC :blobcat:

eye contact, dorian electra 

cesya made an art and they flipped out and put it on their instagram story it was great also after parties are lawless and terrifying help

The united states political culture 

The mythical cryptids of the united states:

“American taxpayer”
“Hardworking American”
“Our brave men and women”
“Young Republicans”
“Father. Entrepreneur. Born-again.”

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The united states political culture 

“The intelligence community” lmao

I’m the best New York Times columnist ever.

Sometimes I will paint things and hate them then hide them for months so when I find them again I can think they're cute

gender, meme 

Drake_nope: what’s your gender?
Drake_yepp: how have you been genderised by a largely apathetic society?

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