good morning europeans im sad to announce that i have no money and would suggest sending any extra money you have to me, your local friendly enby just trying to survive.

doodle, pareidolia, eye contact 

Started with drawing dipole radiative field, ended up cartoon character, the grumpy radiator.

asking for help, lewd, sad 

well, my casual job that was giving me between one and four hours a week just told me they're closing their doors. so more than ever, donations would be greatly appreciated.

also if you want lewds i'm selling those. no judgement.

So the risk of the instance's demise was greatly exaggerated :blobcatmelt: that was great news! I will stay here for the time foreseeable while keeping the alt as backup :D

false alarm! @ida is taking over as's admin. we're all good, folks


@mhutch ah the non-commutative mac and cheese

"O du, für den ich alles trug,
Könnt ich zur Stelle dringen,
Wo Bosheit dich in Fesseln schlug,
Und süssen Trost dir bringen!
Ich folg' dem innern Triebe,
Ich wanke nicht,
Mich stärkt die Pflicht
Der treuen Gattenliebe!"

"Oh you, for whom I endure everything,
If I could breach the place
where evil has you imprisoned,
and bring you sweet consolation!
I follow my inner call,
I will not waver,
For duty and true love make me strong."

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Rest in peace Jessye Norman 🕯️

(Norman sings Schubert's Gretchen at the Spinning Wheel)

gender thru the eyes of a small child 

when I was little I thought "lady" meant "classy, feminine person with boobs who wears pretty makeup and knows how to keep white pants that white" and "woman" meant "cool, butch person with boobs who knows carpentry and wears machine-washable clothes". then one day ms fran fine from the nanny, whom I had classified as "lady", ate cheese right out the fridge like a feral animal and that day 8yo lem discovered a beautiful third gender option.

The compilation is now released!

This is Revolution of Our Times, a Fediverse collaborative compilation benefiting the Sue The Abuser crowdfunding campaign, which helps the victims of Hong Kong police brutality seek justice. All money collected goes to the campaign! Please share and enjoy! ✊

The face that helps me wake up every day (Dog ec) 

Lego says "are you feeling any better?"

Tonight I took this photo on my smartphone and I can hardly believe that. And I was there!

Good morning beautiful faces 🌵.

📷: Went for a hike around Yucca Valley this morning. Had an amazing time and took some beautiful shots.

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