A pair of spotted thick-knee in a parking lot by the afternoon. They're nocturnal birds and by that time they were quietly biding their time for sunset. (pics hidden because of bird eye contact; they have very large eyes)


We finally got the Tabasco sauce and I thought of @Cyborgneticz :blobcatpeek:

one minute of a little songbird grooming and singing shortly after taking a bath (also old clip, just recently edited to for stability)

You ever just stop and [sudden vigorous shaking motion]


Yay now I have a vegetarian stock for couscous. I should’ve put more squash in it but I simply gave up because shelling was HARD

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This is the "if you squint you can see the Galilean Moons of Jupiter" post 😹

A slightly different post-processing, with the pink glow reduced a bit.

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