looking for work, boost appreciated 

Hello Fedi can you get me hired?

I’m looking for , preferably as , in . I do Chinese—English and vice versa.

I have experience in translating news articles, political opinion pieces, research papers, technical documentation, and poetry. While working for a news website, I also took on additional fact-checking as part of my job in translation.

I have no trouble tackling the most dense jargons of theoretical physics, nor massaging the rhyme and metre of a verse in order to evoke the original‘s aesthetics.

I believe strongly in cultural sensitivity and empathy in a translator’s work.

In addition to English, I’m also learning French, Russian, and Sanskrit for fun.

Under the tag you can find some of my translations. Be warned, there are gay stuff.

I am currently employed full-time, but I am looking for additional sources of income and satisfaction.

DMs are ok, thanxx

At the moment I probably don’t have the time for tasks that require fast turnaround, and I can’t handle the really big ones. However, I’m open to the weird, the unusual, the marginalised, the liminal, the one-of-its-kind, etc.

70+ boosts and counting. Thank you all for the support! :blobcatheart:

@zoec for satisfaction, look nowhere else but inside! 🤣🥰
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