windows gaming setup in a vm is fun and all.. until windows bootloader breaks and drags you out of your comfort zone :<

me planning to go to the pool for the first time after transition

swimskirt: check
scoopneck top: check

that feeling when the hot new Intel Quartus 21 can’t properly talk to the good old MAX II…

but the OpenOCD can do it easily

I always considered serial interface error-free XD also, I had to wrap the RS-232 cable in a foil

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@matthilde you mean that’s cool!!

What is the most challenging part of operating a pubnix server? and what’s most rewarding, too?

@matthilde it started as a semi-private nix system for queer people my gf and I knows, see

on threat models: “ the vast majority of people trust large companies (which is bad but frankly not insane) but absolutely do not trust random assholes/creeps on the Internet. The security model of Signal is saying you don't have to trust Signal, but you weirdly do have to trust all of the random people you interact with with your phone number”

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Even More Dynamic Cosmos


I'm testing a new view mode in Cosmos that lets you see only the posts that have been added since your last visit, without saving any state on the server.


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head hurts because of a software bug in Uber Eats to Starbucks integration. I accidentally a cup of coffee with four espressos in it

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