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I was just walking past a billboard advertising courses at a local college and it said "T Levels and A Levels" and my brain was just like "testosterone levels"??? so I had to google it!

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Wordle 456 

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My first match supporting Reading is not going great πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­

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Would it not have made life easier if they’d just fired the Queen’s body out of a giant cannon, so all London could watch her go by like a comet

ibuprofen is red and paracetamol is blue. however, walkers paracetamol is red and walkers ibuprofen is blue, so watch out

The Bargain webserial
Kinky aromantic polyamorous love story. With fae.

Bargaining with fae is dangerous, but Mattin was desperate. Everything seems to be working out okay...

Season 2 of The Bargain goes out for Early Access subscribers next week. If you missed it (or just want the refresher) catch up on season 1 here:

Get early access to all my serials and books for $5 a month on Substack:

#AmWriting #webserial #books #fantasy #kink #aromance

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Hmm… I have an idea.

I've always been curious about what people's handwriting looks like.

Why don't we do some handwritten affirmations or positive notes for each other? Maybe use the hashtag #KindNote?

I'll start… :blobhug2:

#KindNote #Positivity #DailyAffirmation #WordsOfAffirmation #WormsOfAffirmation

Whips & Fangs by Jess Mahler

Stories about kinky relationships in fantasy worlds, including:

A knight captured and used by the lady he loves, but cannot serve...

A vampire and vampire hunter in a most unlikely relationship...

A man who asks to join a leather family--but the family in question is more than leather...

The crippled dragon who thinks he can no longer serve and the lady-knight who refuses to give up on him...

$2.99 at most major etailers

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ukpol, death 

thousands of "non-urgent" hospital appointments are being cancelled across the UK because of the queen's funeral on Monday. "non-urgent" is misleading because almost anything other than emergency care has wait times of months, possibly years, and some of those being rescheduled will have to wait weeks if not months, years in the worst cases, to finally have their appointments. This will include mental health assessments, elective surgeries, and so on.

This decision will kill people.

Queen death day, benefits, DWP, positive! 

oh finally found a positive thing in all this, anyone due to get their benefits paid on Monday 19th will get them on Friday 16th instead!

Queen death stuff 

wow, Centerparcs, that most middle class of holiday park chains, has decided to chuck out all their paying guests from 10am Monday till 10am Tuesday to "show respect to the queen" how does that show respect?? Do the staff dealing with irate customers on the phone this week and in person over the weekend and next week show respect for anyone??

Reports are coming out of the United Kingdom that dissidents are being disappeared by state security forces for protesting the installment of Charles Windsor as supreme spiritual leader of the secretive hermit kingdom in the European far west. Pro-democracy groups are calling for free and fair elections in Britain but has so far been met with nothing but repression from the regime.

Britain-watchers have long seen Mr. Windsor as the hand-picked successor to the previous leader Elizabeth Windsor who died under mysterious circumstances last week and regard him as a hardliner who is unlikely to make any progress towards the transition to democracy. Shops, state media and public spaces are displaying portraits and praises of the previous leader and sources are already reporting the formation of a cult of personality around Mr. Windsor.

Britain remains a nation torn apart by centuries-old ethnic and religious divides. Despite the great wealth of the nation’s oligarchs little progress has been made to alleviate the humanitarian situation since the end of the civil war in the 1990’s.

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On a heardle roll!



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