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'I am always somewhat surprised and impressed when people decide their own pronouns or even when they ask me what pronouns I prefer. I don’t have an easy answer, though I am enjoying the world of “they”.'

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UK peeps only:

are you a...?

there's a sound on tiktok that uses that "apple bottom jeans, boots with the fur" song as part of it and I keep getting it stuck in my head but singing it as "oven bottom jeans"

ok, all done, everything clean and I can see again!

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failed start to cleaning glasses nose pieces, flicked one of them onto the floor and spent a few minutes rubbing my hands all over the carpet to find it, at least I realised that I can put my glasses on without the nose pieces even though it's very uncomfortable and they don't stay in the right position

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Oh Sarah Harding of Girls Aloud died age 39 (she's the first to sing in this video)


yay first PSL (actually frappucino) of the season, along with a very tasty sounding brie and butternut squash foccacia and pumpkin spice cookie (which is vegan!)

A very good friend started keeping #bees a few years back. Due to private and you-know-why-reasons we were unable to see each other for three years. Now we had a chance to meet in person again and I was introduced to her beautiful busy girls. #apiculture #beekeeping #photography CW: #macro #insects. (But they're sooooo cute and fluffy!!! Please have a look!)

ok this whole us/uk english mixup is only on my desktop browser, the app is fine and knows where it is, and even says chemists

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and even though it's been years I'll never not be grumpy about all the major roads being yellow instead of motorway being blue and A roads being green as they are on all proper maps

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and I'm pretty sure I have my google account language set to UK English

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excuse you google maps, but I'm in the UK, that should say petrol stations, car parks and takeaways (I know we already lost the pharmacy/chemist battle years ago)

Consider unfollowing that person that always leaves you feeling worse about things.

Today's gender is queerness and the sound of a dial tone.

yes ofc I preordered the album, which is out in November!

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