One thing I love about this place is much like old livejournal , folks just like talking to each others, and it seems less worried about the rat race hamster wheel of popularity.

That's what I want out of social networks. You can get that other places too, but you gotta wade through some bs.

@ackthrice ah yeah I often get the haloing around lights, usually just from lamp posts at night, which is light on dark I guess lol

@ackthrice oh also when I first needed glasses back in primary school I was actually long sighted in one eye and short sighted in the other, the long sighted eye then briefly didn't need correction and then over the years they've become the same amount of short sighted as each other

@ackthrice that's super interesting, I'd not heard of that type of astigmatism! and yeah I'm 100% for everyone being able to set the options that work for them specifically, anyone declaring that X theme is the best and who rallies against anyone who uses a different one is misinformed at best and ableist at worse (even worse when it's the dev of an app who declares that only their preferred one will be available)

@meena oh interesting, I do the closing one eye thing too, but I almost equally severe astigmatism in both eyes so there's not much of a pattern lol

I'm non-binary which means I'm not a boy or a girl, I'm a '); DROP TABLE Gender;

I got particularly frustrated at the thread of people claiming their reason for needing dark mode was their astigmatism which is literally the reason I can't personally use dark mode

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In today's round of dark mode users can't accept that light mode is something some people need to use or prefer to use, the replies to this person on twitter who was reacting to the bizarrely aggressive way dark mode users respond to light mode users

@InternetEh just remembered this youtube video that goes into the history of the whole thing and why it's no longer a thing in the US

@InternetEh just remembered this youtube video that goes into the history of the whole thing and why it's no longer a thing in the US

@InternetEh (we still do it here though the effigies are usually more relevant)

@InternetEh sounds like some early British settlers trying to continue the 5th November/Bonfire Night/Fireworks Night tradition

@Juju I've always said the one syllable version like most brits, and always thought the USian way sounded wrong, good to finally hear the proper way, I don't think I can replicate it without sounding too much like the USian one though so I'll stick with one syllable 😅

@vfrmedia yeah I'm not sure brothels would be adding themselves to google maps, at least not described as a brothel

You're walking down the street like a normal person. That is what normal people do, right?
Anyway, send me the song people think you're listening to and the song you're actually listening to,
both 🔴 per DM in reply to this toot 🔴.
These are the basic rules, please read them first:

wow 21 years since my high school prom today!

Me and my friends hired a classic open top double decker bus as our ride 😁

and today I'm inspired to rewatch a knight's tale as it came out 20 years ago today! That was a formative movie for this baby bi :blobcatmelt:

@cbrachyrhynchos I'm loving their definition of agender "devoid of gender altogether"

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