What's bigger:

@Juju gonna assume next season is cosily wrapped enby winter :blobcatnight:

@lennie oh lol I grew up about 30 miles from there, it's just a name on a sign to me 😅

@bright_helpings that's fair! some of the other responses definitely seem to relate to their books in those classes, either we didn't ever have different colours or I just don't remember (and I don't have any form of synaesthesia, in fact I probably have aphantasia so barely have any visual thoughts)

@Juju how does everyone remember what colour exercise books their subjects had - I really have no association of colour and school subjects

It's only a Minotaur if it's from the Labyrinth region of Crete, otherwise it's just sparkling cow fursona

@Juju I assume he's living even deeper underground since the pandemic

Minor injury, blood 

@josh oof! Hope you're ok otherwise

lesbian sex workers who put up with horny dudes are braver than the troops

@mike yes thank you, I have had to set up an add on on Firefox to redirect them to the proper sites cos it's so frustrating

Hey folks, I know you love your proxy sites for Twitter, YouTube etc - but if you're sharing a link could you please use the authoritative source so I know what the hell I'm going to be clicking on and make my own informed decisions?

Also 90% of these third party sites are by default dark-themed accessibility nightmares and I can't read half the stuff on them anyway.

NEW VIDEO: Gays In Space: The Limits of Cisnormative Sci-fi


did a new video peeps! (sorry for the delay ^^;)

its another unscripted one, talking mostly about gender and the Wayfarers series by Becky Chambers. shares, comments, likes and all other algorithm pleasing activities appreciated as ever 💫

transphobic pseudointellectual cis nonsense 

@FuchsiaShock oh someone just posted that tweet on discord too, Chris Korda may be trans but she has some rather extreme views about human extinction and supports eugenics, and made a porn movie that included footage of the towers, not a nice person at all

@FuchsiaShock yes exactly, I enjoy music from all different eras and refuse to stop finding new things I like just because it's newer music, definitely gonna watch this video!

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