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photo of a snail (shell only), garden 

I did manage to step outside for five minutes the other day, so here is a photo of a tiny snail sleeping in one of my dahlias.

(I got it in a swap. It was labelled "Franz Kafka" but it looks nothing like that variety. If anyone recognizes it, I'd love to know what it is.)

#Garden #Gardening #florespondence

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@schratze sometimes easier than digital especially when trying to check how long till something happens rather than just the current time cos you can see how far the hands need to move till then

Can you read an analog clock?

I thought mastodon might like this song

Sample lyrics:

:blobcatsurprised: I won’t wear the cat ears

:blobcatumm: It’s not an ahegao hoodie, it’s a work of art

I found it because "Soft Boy" was trending on twitter :blobhajhug:


Just been tidying the profiles and follow lists on my main and alt accounts so you may have received a follow request from one or the other! And I think I only cleared out old and dead accounts and alts from my lists!

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Open question about mouse behaviour in recent years 

@TrechNex zoology brain was very confused reading the post after that cw :blobcatsurprised:

@Juju lol I haven't seen that at all but now I've clicked your link I'm concerned it'll infect my fyp page too πŸ˜‚

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@hazel the kanji for wolf, η‹Ό, consists of two parts: the part on the right means "good," and the part on the left means "animal."

@schratze you'd think they would get smaller as they get more powerful, or at least stay the same size!

@ackthrice I have a copy but haven't got around to trying to read it, I just thought it seemed like a neat concept πŸ˜…

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