I caught the G note!! I just *knew* they were going to go onto Welcome to the Black Parade after Mama, there hadn't been any other between song moments it would've made sense, so I started filming, and it's actually much clearer in the video than it was in person! Hearing the G note with 30k other emos was certainly an experience :black_sparkling_heart_black:


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Spoilers :boost_ok:

@cadxdr I think it's a killjoy move to purposefully spoil or not properly tag/hide posts with spoilers, so other people can make their own choices over whether to read them. I've never really worked out how my own enjoyment is affected by spoilers, some are incomprehensible before you see the thing and some media I kinda wanna know certain details, especially around potential triggers etc

Wordle 338 

Wordle 338 4/6


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Set list for MCR! I also didn't have three of these tracks as I never got the Conventional Weapons releases, have also fixed that!

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Thanks to the dedicated fans who record set lists after gigs, I now know that half of Placebo's set was from their 2022 album or their 2009 album, neither of which I had, so I've fixed that!


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Terrorism (Manchester Arena) 

The Manchester Arena attacks were five years ago tonight.

Nobody here will ever forget the horror of that night. RIP, all of them. Lost needlessly. But those who hate us will never divide us.

A city united. Keep buzzing. πŸ’œπŸ #ManchesterRemembers

@ichundmeintofu I was incredibly excited when they announced Placebo would be opening for them a couple of months ago, my inner teen emo heart definitely had a great time 😁 but yeah the transport fails were frustrating and tiring after such a long day/night but didn't sour my great memories of the gig!

Back in London now, with a 90 min wait for the connection, then back home around 11am, which will be about 36 hours of being awake, gonna sleep so hard

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Leaving the stadium was absolutely miserable, 30k people leaving at once causes the local transport to utterly fail but we made it to a club in central MK by 1am and we're here till they close and we have to go to wait for our 6am coach!

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Wordle 337 4/6


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MCR gig report! 

Sitting outside the MK stadium after everything is over, and wow MCR were amazing live, my voice is going to be dead for days, not sure if my hearing is ok and seeing Gerard just manically telling stories and going from song to song and vibing with the crowd

My only major issue was that after Cassyette told people to make a mosh pit during her set, people then took that as an open invitation to mosh constantly through MCR's set and that meant we were getting more and more squashed, I was on defence of short people duty and trying not to fall over myself for several tracks which was extra tiring now I've been awake 24 hours :blobreachdrool:

Gerard did stop the crowd and get us to step back from the people in front a few times but that just made more space for the mosh pit and kept pushing is back further, but apart from that the crowd was mostly a good vibe and the pitch/standing area was definitely the best place to be!

Attaching some photos I couldn't post earlier!

@balrogboogie haha yeah, this was supposed to be a reply to my whole MCR thread 😁 MCR were amazing πŸ₯°

Placebo was amazing but really surreal, I don't know if I don't know half their set due to them being old songs, new songs or they wer just making stuff up as they went?? None of the audience were really vibing for most of it! Anyway, the ones I knew were amazing to hear live, now 30 mins till the main act!!

Mr brightside song break before placebo, this is what a British concert crowd is good at πŸ˜‚

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He stopped the show for a audience member in trouble πŸ’œ

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