I came across another article detailing the different issues with dark theme and whether it is truly better than light theme kevq.uk/is-dark-mode-such-a-go

Just Google failing on their claims for dark theme yet again

I'm pretty sure a dark screen is going to pick up glare a lot more easily than a bright screen?

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In today's round of dark mode users can't accept that light mode is something some people need to use or prefer to use, the replies to this person on twitter who was reacting to the bizarrely aggressive way dark mode users respond to light mode users twitter.com/TheVTran/status/13

Appreciating someone on twitter who apparently tweeted something about how bad dark theme is for people with astigmatism and I can't see their tweet because they're currently private locked (a friend QTd the original tweet) but can see the replies from relieved people who didn't realise before why they have issues with dark theme when everything says it should be the better option, it's so frustrating that the myth about dark theme being better for your eyes is so prevalent

I was right improving had to do with their bad April Fools, this post is super interesting, they've not only improved light them but made it easier for updating in future!


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well I finally got the update on and I think it's going to take some getting used to.

Aside from making the dark parts light they've also super upped the text contrast and it's a little too bold for me at the moment, probably because my eyes are already tired, also spotting which server or channel has a new message is a little challenging at the moment.

But it's a positive step, and almost makes up for their anti-accessibility April Fools and the years of anti light theme trolls.

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Just for comparison for any who don't use on and to keep a record of the bad old days. here's the current layout, oh and the mobile one which only just got the user list in light but also still has a dark server/channel list

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Woo are finally improving their - a friend of mine is on the early release update channel and she got it today so I'm excited to get to use it myself soon!

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