I was right improving had to do with their bad April Fools, this post is super interesting, they've not only improved light them but made it easier for updating in future!


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well I finally got the update on and I think it's going to take some getting used to.

Aside from making the dark parts light they've also super upped the text contrast and it's a little too bold for me at the moment, probably because my eyes are already tired, also spotting which server or channel has a new message is a little challenging at the moment.

But it's a positive step, and almost makes up for their anti-accessibility April Fools and the years of anti light theme trolls.

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Just for comparison for any who don't use on and to keep a record of the bad old days. here's the current layout, oh and the mobile one which only just got the user list in light but also still has a dark server/channel list

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Woo are finally improving their - a friend of mine is on the early release update channel and she got it today so I'm excited to get to use it myself soon!

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