wow 21 years since my high school prom today!

Me and my friends hired a classic open top double decker bus as our ride 😁

a couple of times recently I've been inspired to dig deep into google to find originals of images that have gone around as memes, no idea why, clearly too much time on my hands 😅

but here's the two I sourced

first, this slightly disturbing photoshop of way too many kittens in someone's arms, it's far cuter with the real number of kittens!

then this picture that goes around a lot making chess jokes about the queen and the "bishop" which I find very amusing but I saw this version earlier mentioning the vatican when I'm pretty sure that's in the UK, and yes it turned out to be a couple of years ago at an event in Westminister Abbey


Well I had to find out from a news story that the MCR 2020 tour is now delayed again to 2022, checked the Ticketmaster app to confirm but they hadn't actually emailed!!

This green sphere just repeatedly slams me into the spikes :blobcatknife:

Covid vaccine, selfie eye contact 

I put the sticker on my phone case :blobcat_mlem:

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My friend gave me a screenshot of the tweet (sharing without the username for now in case that's why the OP went private since then)

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Finally got my Christmas gift from my mum, it's a snake charm for my bracelet and has a pink gem like Seraphina's eyes!

Came across this song on tiktok and went and tracked down the full video on YouTube cos it looked very gay, and it is excellent this auto caption totally killed me though 😂

Malory Towers (BBC TV Show) 

Just finished watched series 1 of Malory Towers and though I was mainly interested because I read a few of the books as a child, they've done an excellent job with creating something that feels like a period piece but has a lot of nice more modern touches

Like Darrell is diagnosed with "word blindness" (dyslexia) and the storyline around that seems like it would be wonderful for a child with dyslexia to watch

Also the Matron character went from being a bit of a one dimensional mean spirited woman to actually having a caring side which was nice

Oh and they have a nice diverse cast, including several people of colour and a girl with a visible facial difference, and they all did a great job

I really hope they get a second series, it may have been delayed due to the pandemic as the first series was released a year ago now

Corset, boobs 

Yes I do enjoy this trend for the pretty... corsets :blobpout:

Re: last boost, never forget that someone has to be one of today's lucky ten thousand

mild book spoilers, long quote 

so yeah impossible car chase involves travelling west from Brighton to Shoreham, goes through the Southwick tunnel and then takes the exit into Shoreham, the exit you can only take when driving east

Quote from the book:
"'Can you see the fucking chopper?' he asked, squinting as they came back out into bright light. She squirmed around in her seat, craning her neck upwards through first the front windscreen, then the rear.
 'It's not following!' she exclaimed. 'It's hovering over the front of the tunnel - wait - great - now it's going back to the rear!'
 'Fucking A!' Vic took the first exit off the dual carriageway, which came up a mile on. It took them down into the mixed urban and industrial sprawl of Southwick, the suburb separating the city of Brighton and Have from Shoreham."

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Like that's all it says "an error occurred", just tried muting a different account on a different instance and same issue @Tusky

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Wandavision finale 

Well that was a lot, but I appreciate Wanda Magnetoing out of there at the end

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