My first match supporting Reading is not going great ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜ญ

Just found this in my random pictures folder dated 15th Feb 2006 (and no that wasn't Windows 2000, it is XP with the Windows Classic theme on because I hated all the XP themes!)

Killing Eve Finale Spoilers 

So, nope we're not having that be the ending, the bury your gays and shoot your happy lesbian from off screen in front of her bi lover tropes are so not 2022

Instead we will cut the end off at 38:50 and enjoy the symmetry of them returning to the bridge a season later

Previous royal death 

Reminder of when Prince Philip died and someone nearly forgot to turn one of the digital BBC radio stations to the BBC feed

My new Lionesses silicone wristband arrived so Leah has a new collar ๐Ÿ˜

My Little Pony FIM ending thoughts 

Finally finished watching MLP:FIM today, only 3 years late!, and I feel like they did kinda wrong by Cozy Glow, she's a foal who definitely did some very bad things, but their solution was to put her in Pony Hell with other actually evil creatures like Lord Tirek

And then after she's manipulated by Discord as Grogar for the whole of the final season, they turn her to stone with Queen Chrysalis and Lord Tirek

I dunno, I feel maybe they could've looked into her history a bit more to find out why she was like that and try rehabilitating her? She just seems out of place when ponies like Starlight Glimmer got redeemed!

and we're back, that achievement is now on my rarest achievements showcase

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and that's a 10/10 perfect game for The Stanley Parable, will have to get the Deluxe Edition some time!

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Just achieved the Speed Run achievement in Stanley Parable and have one more to go, to play it for the whole of Tuesday! So now I leave it running till after midnight and hope windows doesn't restart for fun!!

I saw "Bedding, Fancy" on the House Contractor's work orders and just had to get Cerberus a comfortable bed!

It's so hot our bannister is melting! (actually just a bad paint job I noticed cos I ended up sitting on the floor in the hallway)

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