Jeff Bezos, Amazon 

I spent way too long on this silly joke

That sexuality graph 

So this graph has been going around twitter and now mastodon (and even AVEN have RTd someone correcting the inclusion of asexuality) but I just wanted to write my own "why asexuality doesn't relate to libido" post! (there are also several other issues with the graph but this is very glaring)

This graph puts asexual on the Libido/Sexual drive spectrum, opposite to Hypersexual. This is incredibly wrong.

So, first of all, sexual attraction, sexual desire (libido) and sexual action are three separate spectrums.

Sexual attraction is who you are sexually attracted to - so for a bi person that could be people of any gender, a gay man is attracted to men etc

Sexual desire (libido) is how interested you are in having sex, regardless of who you are attracted to

Sexual action is how much you have sex, again regardless of who you are attracted to.

Well I now have a new mattel doll for my collection (ordered the copper haired one cos it me!)

In London for an appointment, coach selfie from earlier! (eye contact)


Also our albino GALs are growing fast (sadly the other two are apparently not as voracious so splitting up may be needed sooon) and we've finally worked out how to tell them apart from their shell patterns so here's Billie Snailish (dotted stripes) and Snailey Kiyoko (solid stripes)

Snake, shedding 

last Monday, Seraphina refused her food for the first time since we got her in July, we had just given her viv a deep clean the day before so we weren't sure if she was upset by that. But then she just stayed in her hide and when I picked it up to check on her a day or so later she was very letargic and, most importantly, had very cloudy eyes - which is known as "being in blue" and is a stage of shedding!

So we left her be and then last night found she was out and about and inside the hide was a curled up skin and she was looking very shiny and happy!

We had her out of the viv this evening for a wander about and she was very active and probably hungry as she's nearly 2 weeks since her last feed. So she is definitely going to be happy to get fed tomorrow!

Before I took the photo of her she actually tried to tie my hand to the chair and then tied herself in a knot :patcat:

Just for comparison for any who don't use on and to keep a record of the bad old days. here's the current layout, oh and the mobile one which only just got the user list in light but also still has a dark server/channel list

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Woo are finally improving their - a friend of mine is on the early release update channel and she got it today so I'm excited to get to use it myself soon!

I changed my tumblr avatar and header to one of the defaults and then got this message when I checked it and the avatar looks like it's following the direction :blobcatmelt:

Ah that's why my feets are sore (considering my usual average steps since I got the tracker in June is about 3,400 a day)

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Here are our Giant African Land Snails (GALS) - though they're more like LALS right now 🐌

The two that are at the top and bottom of the photo are Tiger Snails, they have fairly standard snail colouring on their shells and bodies, the two in the middle are Reticulata and are albino so their bodies are almost translucent!

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