I think this custom debit card has made opening an account with Barclays 100% worthwhile

DALL E AI generated images 

I gave it the prompt "one time I dreamt there was a t rex outside my dad's house" but the houses were way too american, so I changed it to "a t rex outside my british dad's house" and that looks more like it lol

Ai picture generator, DALL E 

it didn't get the idea quite right for most of them, but I kinda love that first one


Nice to see Lionesses on bus stop ads!

Leaving the stadium was absolutely miserable, 30k people leaving at once causes the local transport to utterly fail but we made it to a club in central MK by 1am and we're here till they close and we have to go to wait for our 6am coach!

MCR gig report! 

Sitting outside the MK stadium after everything is over, and wow MCR were amazing live, my voice is going to be dead for days, not sure if my hearing is ok and seeing Gerard just manically telling stories and going from song to song and vibing with the crowd

My only major issue was that after Cassyette told people to make a mosh pit during her set, people then took that as an open invitation to mosh constantly through MCR's set and that meant we were getting more and more squashed, I was on defence of short people duty and trying not to fall over myself for several tracks which was extra tiring now I've been awake 24 hours :blobreachdrool:

Gerard did stop the crowd and get us to step back from the people in front a few times but that just made more space for the mosh pit and kept pushing is back further, but apart from that the crowd was mostly a good vibe and the pitch/standing area was definitely the best place to be!

Attaching some photos I couldn't post earlier!

Stripped off in the middle of the stadium to put on my new t-shirt ๐Ÿ˜ CW: eye contact, picture of fly

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The hype is real here, amazing energy, the food and drink stall people are all super friendly and enjoying the vibes, just ahh so good

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This is a very confusing menu and I can't breathe in laughing so much at what happened when I added sausage with sausage and additional sausage

Sounds about right (thankfully it was just due to IDAHOBIT lol)

Lightning over the beach just before sunrise on Sunday morning!

CW: flashing

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