Finally getting around to hacking away at the bindweed that has taken over our garden, in a couple of hours (with a break for heavy rain) I filled four black bin bags with all the weed covering the back fence and decking at the end of the garden

Had to have a long shower after cos it's so humid I was soaked through!

Just filled the car with the weed filled bags and some other stuff for the tip and now I'm exhausted again - but gotta make my til appointment between 4.30 & 5pm so better head off soon, even though my back is killing!

Before photo is from July, I forgot to take one today! (please ignore the neighbour's display of patriotism)

I got this hand wash and just started using it, and it smells like you've washed your hands with ribena 😂


yay first PSL (actually frappucino) of the season, along with a very tasty sounding brie and butternut squash foccacia and pumpkin spice cookie (which is vegan!)

excuse you google maps, but I'm in the UK, that should say petrol stations, car parks and takeaways (I know we already lost the pharmacy/chemist battle years ago)

well I said the code to an equally confused delivery driver (and apparently it's not even in the app anywhere?? so I had to run back to my PC to memorise it and come back) but my new keyboard with unsticky keys is here!

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*blinks* I've got to say an OTP out loud to a delivery driver to get my amazon package now??

What if another member of my household answers the door :/

Image caption meta, screenshot from the user who apparently started the current spate 

Do they not realise they just described the image 🤔

Just Google failing on their claims for dark theme yet again

I'm pretty sure a dark screen is going to pick up glare a lot more easily than a bright screen?

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I honestly don't understand why the photoshopped version of this sign has been shared so much uncritically, I've seen it all over everywhere the past few days and it take two mins to find the original

omg I just went out to the kitchen and noticed the security light in the garden was on, and then a little black and white face appeared at the kitchen door and it was the kitty from yesterday! Somehow she found our back garden despite it not attaching to the road I saw her on yesterday, she wandered about the house a bit and had some scritches and seems to have headed off again now

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I went to see The Suicide Squad today with my mum and brother (as it was birthday on Sunday), it was ok, there was a somewhat clever set up and Harley Quinn was great as ever, I also enjoyed the rat catcher, but spent most of the movie completely mixing these two up

And now heavy rain, also this was loud when the thunder shockwaves arrived

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